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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Benficachop, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. So, background

    I live at home(with the folks) while I commute to school.
    Dad got laid off for the winter.

    So I wake up and its about 10:30. I say hello to my dad and he asks me, what that thing with the poison logo is doing upstairs. And I think to myself...what the hell is he talking about? Did he find my Bong? And then i remember, my grinder has a skull and crossbones on it, I tell him i dont know what hes talking about, as we walk upstairs he says he found it in my drawer when he was looking for ammo for my bb gun. So there is the grinder, sitting on my desk and i tell him i dont know, its my brothers. He opens it, and tels me it stinks, i say "I dont know" At this point i think i'm fucked but then he changes the subject.

    And that was about it, not very exciting, but holy shit was i fucking stoked that he didnt know what it was. I thought i was screwed.

    sorry if you excpected somthing a bit more exciting but fuck i was happy he was too oblivious to know what a grinder looks like :hello:
  2. Clueless parents are some of the great...

    However carefree parents are even better!

    Happy toking :smoke:
  3. Yea I wish my parents would understand:(, they are both from Portugal and i'm the first generation in this country, so they are "old fashioned" to say the least.
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    Be glad you're NOT my brother...:mad:
  5. haha yea i know that sounds like a dick move, but my parents work in mysterious ways, chances are he wont even ask him.
  6. you should have just told him the truth and then tell him to stay out of your drawers
  7. haha that happened to me.

    i have my stash in a metal tin and i had it magnetized onto the underneath of my drawer. my dad found it and i took it from him and said hm that's weird i dunno what this is even. i proceeded to throw it in the garbage and when he left just put it back haha (in a different spot !)
  8. to be honest i dont think it was a close call. i think ur BUSTED!!! but i think it was his way of saying "hey i know you smoke. you can do it. dont bring it home... i dont wanna know about it." but thats just me:wave:

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