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that was bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lipmunger, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. ok, so I'm coming down from the worst "high" I've ever had. I just started smoking again and I've noticed that it seems I can't really nail down my tolerance level. The only thing I've been smoking from is a dugout. I've been smoking again pretty much everyday for about two weeks. On most days, I take about 2-3 puffs off the dugout and I'm good. Not crazy stoned out (which i don't wanna be), but nice and buzzed. Sometimes I'll go smoke another 2-3 puffs not long after the first and again I'm fine. BUT, a couple of times I smoked at around 1:00pm, before I've had much in my stomach. (I don't even know if that matters), but those times I got a bit too eye and was pretty paranoid, etc. BUT tonight it went overboard. I was cooking around 4:00 pm and I took a couple of puffs from my bat. I was a little buzzed, but wanting to take one more hit. I filled that bat and took one hit. Now, the hit was larger than I had been taking. So much that it made me cough for the first time. Within 15 minutes I was losing it. I couldn't think straight, time was going by at a crazy slow speed, I almost felt like I was having a bad "trip". It was horrible. About 5:00 I finally decided to lay down and try to pass out. I laid in the bed for another hour flipping out. I kept telling myself that it was just grass and I just needed to wait it out. But, the physical attributes of the high were really getting to me. I felt like my head was going to explode and that i needed to pop my ears really bad. I couldn't stop figiting. (sp?) I finally passed out around 6:30 or so and my wife woke me up to watch lost at 9:00. When I woke up I was no longer flipping out, but I was still very high. It's now almost 12:00 and I can still barely type.

    As I've posted before, I haven't smoked in years and just started back. I don't know if it's this strain I have or what, but any theories or comments would help. I realize "i just smoked too much", but the "amount" seems hit and miss. Is there anything that radically affects your high? I just never want to go through that again.
  2. Not sure man. I've had a couple bad trips, but nothing like your experience. My guess is that because your brain is much more susceptible to stimulus when high, you might have experienced a neurological "overload". One small part of your brain might have experienced more stimulus that the rest, causing psychological effects and a small anxiety attack, rapid heart beat, ect. You might have not been able to control the anxiety attack, and became more anxious, adding fuel to the fire. This would have led yourself to spiral out of control. I'm no doctor, but thats just a guess. Hope it never happens again.:)
  3. Panic attack not a trip. It happens
  4. so you think it was a panic attack due to just having too much?

    I still don't get why I had too much. Like I said, my tolerance seems hit and miss.
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    Well the weed just changes your state of mind. And you said you just started back up, your tolerance is going to be all over the place. You basically are starting new again. Remember how you felt when you first started. The first two weeks(at least for me) you are really lethargic and you just don't feel right. The next time you smoke it all goes away and you finally have your first amazing high. My buddy is still trying to get his tolerance down and he's smoked for like three weeks. One day he can keep up with us other days he takes two hits and is rocked.

    I bet after that shit all happened you're going to get better. Everyone is different man and you just got caught up in what you thought was a fucked up situation.
  6. Yeah seems like a panic attack, had one time and i thought i was going to die. Just layed down, took some deep breaths and just fell asleep.
  7. i agree with everything your saying. When i used to smoke, I was more into other substances. (bad choice) So I never actually smoked that much and I don't think I ever developed much of a tolerance. So, it's interesting that you mention you getting that unbelievable high after you've built up a tolerance. I hear people talking about feeling very thoughtful, intellectual, find things more interesting, etc. but I've never had that type of high. I just seem to get all tired and dumb.
  8. u got high for the first time in a while and freaked out

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