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...that tonights gonna be a good night.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KommanderKronic, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. So as i mentioned in the previous thread that my friends and i pooled $75 together and bought 5.48g of Cali Kush. we started off the night when we smoked a Joint on a pile of broken concrete at the edge, it was about 1.5G and then we ventured farther into the forest led by sacka-jew-ee-uh, (a.k.a. our tour guide) we came upon a burnt out barrel at the bottom of the ravine, we talked amongst ourselves and decided that pipe was the way to go..ho. the half gram of my premium concoction of vanilla aged cali kush packed into the bowl. after we cashed that bowl, we ventured deeper into the thicket of pricker bushes inhabiting the ravine. tits. after we ventured as far as we could, the new tour guide, KommanderKronic, led an expedition up a steep hill. as we reached the summit, one of the travelers got segwayed and found a glass bottle, but didn't break it against a tree because he has the upper body strength of a 12 year old girl. after the numerous attempts the bottle successfully broke, then KommanderKronic unveiled the toil of his labor. a perfectly sculpted 2 gram joint. and we smoked to the sunset. we blazed till the sun went down over the hill, then we traveled under partial cover of darkness up the trail to the fields. upon entering the fields, we engaged in a friendly, good old fashioned gamed of discus. and Aj Pierce attempting to stop the frisbee, he kicked it in half with his stupid foot. the game was over. and we ran back to the car for fear of somebody following us.

    As you may tell..we did not smoke all of the magical plant that night and we arose to a wonderful wake and bake and McDonald runs and to joints later we are high and right on grasscity to blog about our adventure :smoke::smoke:

    the rest of the weed was rolled into joints for today wake and bake.:bongin::yay::hello::smoking:

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