that time i accidentally punched a girl in the face

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  1. well, it was like 4 weeks ago... haha. i took some unmentionable substances and went to a halloween party with my friends. the person with the best costume won a prize which was like 2 free 30 kits or something. i knew quite a bit of people so i knew it was going to be awesome. i'd say there were about 60-70 people at this house party, pretty nice. oh, and i went as keith stoned.. cutoff shorts at about midthigh, a flock of hair, and a 30 of keystone. gross, but awesome.

    well anyways i was about 10 minutes into some pretty deep headfuck shit, and this girl i knew came up from behind me and jumped at me and scared the shit out of me. she was dressed as a vampire so i was like WTF and just swung. total ghetto reflex, i was pretty messed up and she scared me! i didnt know what was going on for a second but a couple people saw and were laughing at it..

    i realized after about 15 seconds what i just did and i felt soooo fucking bad. she wasnt bleeding or anything, it wasnt like i just hit her with a haymaker but her cheek was pretty red. the rest of the night was pretty awesome though. i smoked her out and gave her a couple shots but thats it, i wasnt going to waste all my liquor on this broad.

    the girl that won was dressed up as one of those avatar things. she looked fuckin nuts while i was zonin :eek: hahaha
  2. that time i told you to.. SHUT THE FUCK UP
  3. You should have taken advantage of her diminished state...
  4. woah mista MJ dont get hostile jeez bro
  5. noob troll.
  6. I have nearly hit women in the face dozens of times. All accidents all girlfriends.

    One chick was 99% of close hits. She for some reason loved to hide behind doors and do things like snap a belt in my face I would re-act extend my fist and everytime JUST before a right jab to the nose lands I realize and pull back. I ended up punching myself in the nose....She threw an exercise ball at me(For fun not anger) and I thought I could be top shit and punch it away instead of just blocking. Ball was far to heavy my fist just collapsed into my face blood started pissing everywhere lol.

    The other 1% was a different chick. We were all drunk as hell, We were having a sesh at the table. I always pulled the couch over cause I like to be comfy and fondle(I was 17 and horny lol). Anyway somehow we got onto the subject of how much strength you need to flip a couch. I go into detail as I do about how you just need the right angle and a little push. She calls bullshit and says go ahead. So I try.....I was right whole couch does a 360 she faceplants and slides on the carpet in front of it. 1 day of apologizing and a week of guilt trips because her face had carpet burn LOL

    For someone who has never laid a hand on a woman I sure did some damage on that last one. Felt so horrible. But now its a funny memory.
  7. [quote name='"Mista Marijuana"']that time i told you to.. SHUT THE FUCK UP[/quote]

  8. Why is everyone so mad at the second post? Just seems like an average troll to me? What am I not getting.
  9. it was brutal i could feel it through the computer screen
  10. [quote name='"Apu"']Why is everyone so mad at the second post? Just seems like an average troll to me? What am I not getting.[/quote]

    lol that's ironic..Cuz your a troll XD
  11. It was just a reflex, plus I doubt she was really hurt. I'm sure you enjoyed your night though.
  12. of course man i had a blast
  13. Haha, that's pretty funny. I actually hit a girl in the face a couple of weeks ago as well. I was drinking some vodka straight out of the bottle, and offered some to this chick from my class. Somehow I ended up hitting her in the face with the bottle, but it's all good, we are actually dating today haha.
  14. This one night I caught a bus to rave about 15 minutes from where I go to school. I took about 10+ shots of vodka in about 45 minutes before waiting at the bus stop. When I was waiting for the bus I was talkin to some girls and then one of them wanted me to give them a double high five. Me being a drunk dumbass forgot that some girls don't really high five very hard and I ended put smacking her square in the face haha. She got sooo pissed and I felt so bad in the morning, but now it's just a another funny story.
  15. No I am just an extremely smart debater with a lot of knowledge. People take me as a troll because I have an answer for everything. But my reputation and likes disagree with you. But that does not bother me.

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