that studie done where they suffocated chimpanzees

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  1. i need a link to a reputable source that has information on that

    if that could be posted it would make my life a lot easier
  2. because i cant find a credible source that has information regarding that
  3. I dont think there is a credible source...
    Considering they pumped pure smoke constantly into them for many many hours straight.
    basically depriving them of Oxygen.
  4. no a credible source saying that they actually did that not them being a credible source
  5. uh, theres a segment in the union.

  6. link please
  7. [ame=""]The Union: The business behind getting high.@@AMEPARAM@@player.setPostsId(1362521);player.setUsersId(265638);player.setUsersLogin("Zebb")@@AMEPARAM@@1362521@@AMEPARAM@@Zebb[/ame]

    Also, torrents are available if you look.
  8. the thing your looking for is a little bit past 8:10

  9. Dale Gieringer, PhD, State Coordinator of CalNORML, wrote in his article "Marijuana Health Mythology," published on the website of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) (accessed Apr. 20, 2006

    I hope this helps brother.

  10. thank you
  11. fucking shit god damn

    thats exactly what i said when i read this threads title. Thats a fucked up study man!
  12. they used marijuana smoke to suffocate them so that they could say the brain damage was from marijuana smoke not from suffocation
  13. chimpanzees are a hot topic lately
  14. true they are in

    they are hippining and hoppining
  15. i lold.

    tho i believe rabbits do the hippin and hoppin. =P

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