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  1. Anyone here have a special name to use by yourself or with friends to describe that state of mind you go to when you get REALLY fucked up?

    Me and my bro like to say that we're bout to go to Dinoland haha
  2. I used to say when I got really retarded that I was comatosed.
  3. Wayfarpastlongsincegone, Twisted

  4. Why Dinoland? reminds me of an old movie called Clifford with some fucked up kid who wanted to go to Dinosaur World...

    sometimes i'll just say to a friend 'are you up to the usual by chance?'
    or 'good sir, have you an marihuana'
    no words, just a shitty accent and a little fun.
  5. Bam! Zoom! Straight to the moon.
  6. soooooo waavvvyyyyyy!

    hahahah that's what all the girls around here say

    i dont have a word for gettin fucked up. just 'gettin fucked up'
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I usually say damnnn I'm fucked up haha
  9. Fuddin waste, awsified, pickled, slammer bammered, arrested
  10. Fucked up, Ripped, Gonzo Babonzos, In another world
  11. Different highs call for different terms. I like to say "Stupid High" for those occasions that I'm too inebriated to even form a coherent thought, or "Bouldered" when I'm so tired I feel like I can't even get off the couch.

    I've got around 10-15 euphemisms for being high.
  12. We say "see you on the other side" when we are about to try and smoke the whole bowl in one hit lol
  13. We used to say,


    When we were both high and tried to describe things...
  14. i usually say im keyed, faded, or roped out.
  15. Me and all my friends say that we are "Jeffried" when we are under the influence of three or more substances, usually alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, all at once.
  16. faded, baked, twisted, pretty high on the fuckin ladder, nasa, spacely

  17. No idea haha, just seemed funny at the time, and we stuck with it.
  18. Headed to the farm.
  19. zooted, to the cloud (like the computer commercials)

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