That SON of a bitch!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. well guys, fuckin A:mad:
    im stoned :smoking: as hell chillin, postin on here and shit on my laptop, packin a bowl :ey: in the SKYY bong, watchin boston legal in my room.

    My window is open, with a fan blowing on me from the doorway. Light is on. Sittin on ym fouton.:metal:

    and fuckin sON of a BITCH this HUGEEEE i mean GIGANTIC fucking idk what the hell it was bug flew inside. i was like WTF is that its the size of my hand i kid u not. :bolt:

    My first instinct is, oh god, i had the flyswater up here last night for a wasp, where is it, i see it, then i see my weed on the table. and im like... uh, uh uh uh uh fuck! and i carefully pick up my weed and put it in its jar all frantically while watchig this huge scary bug thinking that hes trying to steal my weed as im freaking out.

    NO i cant let him get my weed. ill fucking kill you!!! lol:bongin:

    so i grab the flyswater:poke: and bust his ass on my cieling. it was a HUGEEE idk, ive never seen a huge black flying bug like this. its about 5 inhes long and 2 inches fat and 1 inh tall with a 6 inch wingspan i threw it out my window with the flyswater, weighed about as much as an ounce. idk really:confused_2:

    scared me to fucking death
  2. haha a bat?
  3. hahah holy shit sounds like a fuckin bat
  4. no way, it was an insect for sure lol.

    and im used to bats at my house, i live on a big farm and tons of bats are in the woods lol.
  5. japanese hornets can get pretty big man...glad he didnt steal your weed :p
  6. i def thought for a moment like, one of my enimies sent it to get me, i watched it fly around for a good minute before i freaked out, cause i was just like stunned, like a deer in the headlights, i was fucked! ScaredQ
  7. seems to me like youve got yourself a bird problem..
  8. i had a bug try to take my weed too :smoking:
  9. hahaha a huge ass weed stealin bug! youve just discovered a new species. the weedsquito. closely related to the mosquito, it will go around jacking peoples bud instead of jacking peoples blood. than they go back to there secret hiding cave and inside the mother ship they bring all the weed (which they have thousands of pounds of) and toke out with the queen spider!

    and if i saw a bug that huge in my room i would shit a brick and shoot that motherfucker!
  10. Damn that sucks man I hate huge weird bugs.
  11. lol...hate them bugs that try to steal weed... wish ya got a pic of em :(

  12. ^^^^^
    "weedsquito'' I LOVE IT!! HAHA

    Seriously though, back to the bug thing - I think I know your bug except the one that i saw had huge ass antenna's I dont even know how long they was one morbid looking bug if you ask me. :D
  13. ROFL... this thread is funny.
  14. Hmm... maybe a horsefly?
  15. dude, i woulda like....idk man i like freak out when theres spiders man i hate spiders...but there was one the size of my fist on my house and i fucking punched it and it spattered it was it was really fucking seriouse ever since last week i smoked myself it takes so much to get me high now...and i nebver get a body buz....and i just realized i was rambling....peac lol
  16. That's what I was thinking right after weedsquito.
  17. when you fall asleep you better be carefull it doesnt come back and lay eggs in your head thru your ear...i hate it when that happens
  18. I like your priorities... first thing you think of is the safety of your marijuana :smoking:

    haha where in BC are you?? 5 inch insect... I'd be fucking terrified
  19. haha

    i love the weedsquito haha, That may have been it lol!!

    but seriously, i dont know what it was, it was some insect ive never seen, i was scared shitless id lose my weed, i NEED IT dAMN IT! i was willing to risk my life for my marijuana at that moment, god idk what i woulda done if i had coke on me and i thought it was after that, god damn i woulda done some damage to my room trying ot kill it as quick as possible, prolly loosing the coke in the process.

    But no fear true BC, i live in Boone County.
  20. hahhhhhhhhhhhhh i laught my ass off at this sotry

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