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That should've hurt!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by telluride toker, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. I cut myself really deep the other day. I had carved an apple and smoked out of it, and I was ripped. I got the fool idea that I should cut the apple up so it wouldn't look like a pipe. So I started to cut, and my knife (sharper than I thought) sliced through the apple like butter. I was pushing pretty hard, and the blade went into the side of my thumb. It went so deep it cut partway into the thunbnail. It started dripping blood pretty bad, so I wrapped some toilet paper around it, clamped down, held it above my heart, and waited. 20 min. and 3 toilet paper wraps later, it stopped. I cleaned it and bandaged it. It's fine now, but the interesting thing was that it didn't hurt at all at the time. Guess it was all that weed.
  2. i would much rather get cut open cleanly with a sharp knife, than chewed open by some sort of retarded a hair comb.

  3. i was messing around with one a thoughs plastick boomerangs and the first and only time i got it to come back i didnt catch it and it suck in my forehead.



    that shit sounds terribly painful...

    oh my god, how in the fuck does that work?

  6. i've cut myself on my fingers numerous times. an occupational hazard i guess, and no it doesn't hurt at all when the knife pierce through the skin and flesh. i'm more surprised than actually hurting when it happens. that is until my higher brain functions actually realize that i've cut myself and blood starts gushing out. then it hurts...

  7. Sounds like a cartoon. Lol.
  8. i got shot in the forehead with a bb gun hurt like hell......long story short my friend theat shot me has one in his nuckle and one in his neck
  9. ^^^^lol

    just like a mad-tv skit i saw. a parody of star trek, where an away team was supposed to land on some hostile planet, and the black man in the team refused to go: "hell, no, i've seen this episode, and the black dude is the one who doen't make it back!"
  10. I remember once I was using a new razor sharp chisel on a piece of wood. It slipped and hit the first finger of my left hand and sank right in almost to the bone. It was funny cause it didnt even hurt much till a few hours later.
  11. Boomerang.. not to bad, haha.

    Haha, I have one that blows that one away!!! Ok, do the math, Retard + Sharp axe + Flock of birds = ? a whole lot of axe in the head!! He "thought" that he could hit bird with an axe, but ignored the simple law of physics that what goes up must come down! AND DOWN IT DID!! RIGHT INTO HIS HEAD! Doctors said it was less that a half a centimeter from killing him! But I wasn't all that suprised by that due to he once grabbed on to a power line for stability while climbing a tree.. ZAP! ....... THUD
  12. ^^^ somebody poured bongwater in his genepool

    in chemistry we were doing a lab, where we lanced our fingertips to collect blood and determine our bloodtype..

    i lanced my pinky finger, and didnt want to have to do it twice like many people, so pushed in, and gave it another push, only when i began to remove the razor did i realize it wasnt easy as it should have been to pull out, the only thing i can figure is that i had went into the tip of my pinky finger bone.
  13. ouch! I hate the feeling of pulling something out :(. Once I was walking around my house with the lights off and little did I know my mother had been doing some sewing earlier so there was a GIANT magnet full of needles. So walking not worrying what I step on, I put all my weight on my right foot, right on top of the stack of needles!! I had near 100 needles in my foot and with a depth of a 1/4 inch to an inch in my foot.

    BTW grats on 5000 posts!!!!!!
  14. ooo man little household injuries like that sound the worst hehe.

    but ya cuts dont hurt if u do it with a sharp knife. i once cut my hand open and could see the inside of my hand. it was so strange to see that and not feel pain.

    im most afraid of burns.... so painful D=
  15. Stepped on glass the other day, cut my hand tubing yesterday, 4 years ago I was taking out the garbage and there was a broken glass in there that nobody wrapped and I was swinging it back and cut throught the bag and left a curved scar right underneath the line where my shorts ended. It was so sharp I only felt the impact, then I looked down and could see into my leg....muscles, tendons, and fat a like. Kind of cool actually, but I knew I was gonna need stitches, and it was my first time.

    I have a scar underneath my chin from jumping on the bed to the song "10 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head" this little monkey fell off, only it left a scar.and I should have gotten stitches.

    I got shot in the hand by my best friend with my blowgun.

    Lots of shit happens to me.

  16. Hehe yea for some reason guys do have more accidents it seems. I lost count of how many times i've been to the er... To many times to count
    *Begins process of counting*
    This could take awhile
    *takes a bonghit*
  17. blade injuries are always a pain in the ass...

    ive cut myself numerous times playing with my swiss army knife. pretty deep too!

    there are no nerve endings deeper than the skin. this explains why if a blade goes deeper than the skin you cannot feel it. you only get a warm tingling feeling


  18. thankee thankee..
  19. when i was like 12 or 14 or somethin, i got my finger caught in my bike chain (i have no clue why my finger was down there) and ripped off the end of my finger, chipping the bone.

    or when i shot myself in the foot, with an electronic trigger .22 target pistol (those triggers just need a slight touch to go off, i found out the hard way)

    and the numerous nails i've stepped on, and the few times i've been hit bby cars.

    i now theres more, but cant thinkkkk at the momoment.
  20. It hurt the next day, but picture this:

    My friend let me out of the car he was driving on his driveway, and I walk in front of the car into the garage, like always. Well, his foot "Slips" and right as i turn around because i hear the engine revving he slams me. I went flying up to the windshield, suprised as hell, but somehow i broke nothing. To this day i am amazed. The next day though.... ouch.

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