That shit dont pop on my block...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 31, 2006.

  1. Man, People tryin to play on my block.

    Aight, The neighbor to the left of me, Hes like 87-88 years old, His names Hugh. Hes a world war vet and a great guy. Lived on this block since way before i was born. 50 somethings years and never no problems cuz people got mad respect for him. So do i, I take out his garbage and cut his lawn and everything ya know.

    Aight well down the block to the right, Maybe like 8 houses to my right is this guy Oscar, Hes jus crazy lol. Hes a older dude too, Hes like mid 50's maybe early 60's.

    Well his daughter Kim lives with Hugh right now, And so does her boyfriend, Lets call him Larry.

    Well, I get home around 5 oclock, Had a good day. Ill tell bout that later. Im home for a ocuple minutes when i notice Larry's van parked in Oscars driveway, This is a HUGE no no, They dont get along at all and ive never seen this like this before.

    But Larry's at Hughs, I see him in the driveway pacing back and forward mad nervous. Then he runs down the block to Oscars, A minute later he runs back. And jus kept pacing back and forth. Then some ***** ina Dodge Ram pulls up to Hughs, They talk, And then the Ram drives down the block to infront of oscars and jus stops. Posts there.

    Now im thinking they bout to rob Oscar. Cuz Kim and Larry both junkies and everybody knows it. This shit aient poppin ya heard. I got respect for botht hese guys and i got them and they got me.

    So i got some people. I made 3 calls and got my brother. Before ya know it we like 20 deep at my crib on the front porch making the spot hot on purposue and making larry more nervous.

    We went in my crib and kicked it and talked about it and watched through the window.

    Some fool drives up to Hughs, Another person ive NEVER seen. And goes in hughs house, Stays for like 2 minutes and leaves. Now im gettin real suspsicous. So we go outside. I had homies posted in front of hugh's. I had homies posted on my porch. Then i had like half the homies posted down at Oscars in front of his house.

    We jus making the spot hot and maknig our prescence KNOWN.

    Larry gets mad nervous.

    The dude in the ram gets mad nerovous and ends up taking off.

    Couple minutes later ram comes back, Seen us all still there, Went to Hughs house, Talked to larry, And i speciflcally heard. "We cant do it right now, Another time.". He peaced out.

    Larry and Kim ran down the block got in they van and squealed out.

    Now im mad nervous like what jus popped off.

    I run up in hughs crib, Make sur ehes aight, Ask him whats going on and hes jus said he has no idea but larry was acting mad suspicous.

    Homies went and knocked on oscars door and hes nowhere to be found. His cars there and everything.

    We kicked it for like 10 more minutes, And figured its over with for now. Everyone went back to they cribs. Since we all live on the block it takes like max 3 minutes for us to walk home.

    Now im starting to wonder, I wonder if they plottin to rob oscar, Or if they fucking killed oscar?

    Im really worried now.

    I dont know.

    His rides home, But he wont anwer.

    That aient right.

    But i got this feeling its straight.

    I dont know whats poppin.

    But let it be known, That shit dont pop on my block.

    Damn, Gave me a headache.

    Pissed me off though, They some junkies so i know they up to something and i almost gurantee they was gon run his house. They aient right, Thats kims fucking father and she gon run him. That aient cool.

    Shit pisses me off. But i know it aient gonna happen, Let em try, They wont finish. The whole block will be on them.
  2. Thats wack man maybe knock hard on oscars door or see if its open, if it is call for him if he doesn't answer then walk in.
  3. You did real good looking out for that old guy, KSR.
  4. another day in the life of KSR

    that is some crazy shit man, let me know of the one dude is alright if u get into contact with him
  5. yeye + rep for making a difference in your hood.

    damn, You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to KeepSmokinReefa again.
  6. Only been a member here for a little while and it seems to me like you live an insane life man, that shit is crazy Im straight from the suburbs and it must be hard goin through that shit day in and day out. I respect you and anyone who has to deal with that shit to the fullest.
  7. you never got to the part about why you were having a good day.

    also, props to letting those mofucker's know whose fucking hood they be in. i'd stayed strapped (cocked and loaded) for a couple a weeks just in case they try anything foolish.
  8. I forgot about the good part lol, Ill get to it later tonight.

    And about the heat, Dont worry bro i got that shit faded, Always bro, Always.

    Sorry ya'll, Id reply more but i got some shit i gotta take care of right now. Ill come back later and fill yall in.
  9. apparently i gotta spread it around. but heres sum imaginary rep man.
  10. You think thats fucked up, my neighbor mowed his fucking lawn at 7am. I thanked him by smoking a bowl. Fucker.
  11. yeah i'll second that. man i respect you more than any dude on the city.

    edit: i mean you have more of my respect goes to you than any other guy. not that im the one who respects you the most.
  12. who mows the lawn at 7am thats pure fuckin insanity
  13. I always seem to wait until the absolute hottest point of the day to mow my lawn.

    Not intentionally of course.

    Fucking grass... always keeps growing back.
  14. And it's always my turn to mow the lawn when the lawn mower has no gas in it. But I don't do it at 7 am.
  15. Amen. People hate on your for your way of life, KSR, but you've got more compassion for others, more respect, and more dignity than the great majority of people here. You're such a great guy, I really hope nothin but the best for you and your boys. :love:
  16. haha I think I'm gunna mow the lawn at 3am I wonder what people would do I'll just be like "I work nights tonights my night off! Figured I'd give the lawn a nice mowin:bongin: "
  17. Sounds about like my dad...
  18. haha mowin the lawn sucks donkey ballz. i always get dust n shit all up my nose and then i go in for a drink and all the dirt on my lip goes into the water it's pretty sick.
  19. Clean your face before taking a drink :p
  20. I think we changed the subject of this thread hahaha just a bit Robbery to Mowing lawns classic

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