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    you google something you could see outside if you actually went outside and google responds by showing you exactly what you would have seen if you went outside...


    im kinda proud of the fact that if you google image search for my car in my color 3 pictures on the first page are my car.


    anyone else ever google search something (not overly specific) and find yourself or a picture you took on the first page?
  2. nope, that's tight though
  3. lol "my car". but thats dope
  4. haha that's awesome, and cool car, i love those....
  5. I can type my address and a picture of my house when I was a little kid and now is there.
  6. Thats pretty neat
  7. You should be proud of that car.
  8. What I like even more is that you misspelled your own car's name and Google still found the right thing.

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