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that moment when parinoia dissapears

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. My bros birthday was yesterday and mines the 20th so me and my family went out to dinner with a bunch of relitives 17 in total. I was the last to take a shower (1 bathroom) and i wanted to get lifted before the dinner ( Unfortinatley i didnt know all these people were invited) so i smoked 1 and a half bowls. just finished then my bro walks in the bathroom ( im in the shower) and asked me if i was smoking. So of course i was instantly parinoid. my high completley dissappeared thought i was gonna get busted for the third time. well i got out of the shower got dressed and to my luck everyone was sitting in the car. nobody new but my brother. i sat down still all parinoid then when we got to the resteraunt it hit me that i got away with it and i was blasted just sat there allsmiley the whole dinner all zoned out didnt even talk. still got a pretty good buzz.

    anybody have any experienses similar?
  2. I like to get high before I go to important shit. Keeps the stress down.

    The only thing I can find to describe the feeling you get when you realize that you're blazed and nobody knows.

  3. This happens to me a lot now that I'm just getting used to being high in public. I'm like, "Holy shit do they know??" Then I just try and say something normal and the feeling usually passes.
  4. its a great feeling, but i hate the actually paranoia
  5. I'm in university. When I'm home in the summer I can get a tiny bit paranoid when I smoke in my room with my parents home. I've never been formally "caught" but they know I smoke all the time. Worst part about smoking is having to do something that my family is so vehemently against. If only they would listen to reason, and actual science, and not propaganda but I know they never would.

    So yea sometimes I get paranoid but you just gotta remember: Control your mind. Don't let it control you. Young grass hoppa!
  6. Usually I try to just stay in because my paranoia is so bad lol
  7. smoke mainly at home but can still hear the venomous and vindictive old maid neighbors using both sets of lips at the same time as they try to pee and moan.

    only take a minute and a good hit to imagine them all with houses sitting on them and someone taking their shoes or something like that :wave:
  8. My parents have always been tolerant with smoking, (they smoke herb everyday also). When I was 17 I shared a joint with my mum who explained to me what it was all about, how much to have & 'advised' me to never try other unmentionables (I haven't & never will:) ). This honestly changed allot about me, I have never told anyone I shared a joint with her as people will think my mum is a 'bad parent' & whatever when really she was right to do this, I couldn't imagine having to hide the fact that I enjoy a smoke of a night time, i'm a young lad, I work hard & I also attend college what is wrong with chilling out with a J & a beer after a hard day? The only time I get paranoid is when I smoke with sketchy people or people that give off bad vibes other than that I'm good to smoke (Sorry if I went off topic I just sparked one up & feel fuckin greattttt):smoke:
  9. I am grateful that I don't get paranoid. I never get paranoid thinking other people can tell I am high. I know they cannot, and if they can it doesn't really matter. Probably comes from having stoners as parents and aunts and uncles and stuff.
  10. Was at my inlaws for a Bday on the weekend. Smoked a fat bowl and enjoyed myself. No one had a clue but I don't show any outward signs of being lifted. Hell even my wife of 10 yrs can't tell anymore.

    My eyes don't go red and to me being lifted/enhanced is just beng normal for me.

    "Paranoia will destroy ya" - the Kinks, it's all in the mind.
  11. My dad smokes regularly for his back and he use to grow (he smoked before his back problems). I find its still uncomftable to be high around him and he knows i smoke. My mom bought into the propaganda bullshit and just hates smoke in general after watching her mom die of smoking tobacco( I KNOW TOBACCO CAUSES CANCER AND WEED DOESNT but my mom is stuburn and still hates the idea of smoke (plus i told her i quite) i CAN act normal but squinty eyes, zoning out give it away sometimes

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