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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by houstonstonie, May 1, 2003.

  2. yea dirt ;). Grow in dirt first the if you want to grow dro spot someone to sell for you and pay for the dro supplies with the money.
  3. you can always do a wick system to make yourself feel high tech:D

  4. yeah! take another look at the FAQs on overgrow, ther r loads of homemaid dro setups that can cost next to nothing to build.
  5. especially if your like me and have half the shit laying around already.:)
  6. do the bubbler buckets work good i would like to try hydro but want to try it out first the cheapest way good luck
  7. But your still talking ~$25 a plant for buckets not including ferts ph meter and TDS meter so your talking about $300+ light fans ect. Hydro is defenetly the way to go for the long run but I would grow soil first to learn a bit about growing.
  8. i was going to use a big rubbermaid contianer so i can grow 4-6 plant to try it and see how it works good luck
  9. Rubermaids wont hold water there not built for it you will have to renforce it by either doubbling them up, or with 2x4s around the outsde so it dosennt ballon out and crack. But having such a big container would be great for the roots! I would just go with 4 plants 6 is tto tight unless if the strain likes growing tight.
  10. bubble buckets or DWC is ment to b the best form of hydro. deff worth a try.

    all u need t start hydro is feed, ph pen, ph+, and a tap. to build ur own bubble bucket all u need is a bucket with a lid, a net hydro pot, some clay pebbles, a cheap fish type air pump, some air line and an air stone.

    to buy all the hydro stuff u need shud cost less than £80. then each bucket to build will cost u anything from £5 to £15 if u go mad and want to grow HUGE plants.

    grow in dirt 1st if u want but buyin all that dirt, pots, feed 4 soil plants, a ph kit etc etc wont b much cheeper than settin up with hydro so y not just grow hydro and have done with it. y bother learnin to grow in dirt if soon as u get ur hydro going most of wot u learnd will b useless info.
  11. "most of wot u learnd will b useless info"

    I dont agree with this growing is growing. The only diffrence is a hydro grow has alot more to do with ferts then soil, Hydro is just more complicated and if you mess up, you mess up and can ruin crop. SWith soil you will learn the basics like what the nute deffeciencys look like ect.. And theres alot less parts you rely on to worry about.
  12. yeah, but once a DWC bucket is setup its pretty maintenence free if built right

  13. ok i cant argue with wot ur saying. it is rite apart from soil and hydro is 100% to do with ferts, but the point i was trying to make is soil/hydro is atleast 50% of the grow, the rest being lights etc. y learn 150% when u can just learn 100% of wot u need to know.

    ur point about nute deffeciencys is true but when u grow in hydro u very rarely get this happen so u dont need to no it. when it does happen then thats when u learn.

    yes hydro is more sensitive, if u mess up u tend to c it the same day, so u can put it rite the same day. if u mess up with soil it cud b weeks b4 u see the damage and then u have wasted loads of time and prob rotted ur roots if ur prob was overwatering. u cant overwater with hydro so that again is a prob that u dont need to no about.

    ur point about less parts... all a bubble bucket has that a soil plant dont is a air pump and stone. all a NFT setup has is a small waterpump. not really rocket sicence.

    ppl tend to worry about hydro becuse its "new". no it aint, its bin around since b4 jesus, if u grow a plant in soil, as soon as all the nutes in the soil have bin used and all the feed the plant gets is from the feed u give it in the water then thats hydro! in a few years time growing in soil will b looked on like steam powerd trains, nice to look at but a waste of time for doing the job.

    at the end of the day ask yourself wot it is we r trying to do here. im just trying to grow some gud bud as easy and cheaply as poss, i dont wanna write books bout it, i dont wanna b a pot growin guru or know all ther is to know, i just wanna grow gud buds. without a doubt the best, cheapest and easyest way is in hydro. y bother with dirt and all the probs it has. im sick to death of nute lock up, potbound plants, mixing up a soil/perlite/etc mix in my bath then havin to wash the bugger out. im bord of carryin grow bags into a hse with no garden and tryin to explain wot im doin to the nosy bugger nxt door, and tryin to get rid of all that root infested dirt after the grow. id rather just turn on a tap and flush the toilet. and if i get just 1 more lot of soil that has flea eggs in it im gonna go spare.

    dirt is dirty and has a mind of its own. hydro is clean and controlable. thats wot i think. i aint gonna tell any1 wot to do but if any1 says u gotta grow in dirt to learn i'll have my say and my say is no u dont.

    hydro isnt complecated once u understand it and take it 4 granted. i cud explain to u how a plant gets nutes out of water a lot easyer that how it grows in cow shit. and at the end of the day i dont really want a spare room full of shit.
  14. thats why hydroponics is so cool, you can make a mistake, flush out the roots, and fix the problem in a matter of 12 hours:)
  15. the other reason its cool is that rockwool holds 10 times the air and water that good soil can. even if ur only good enough to get half of wot it can do outta it then its still 5 times better than soil cud ever b.
  16. rockwool is really acidic though:(
  17. is it? i thought it was inert. i know the dust off it is bad so u gotta wash it b4 u use it but iv never had acid probs with RW. hydro plants like a low ph anyway.

    do u get the same stuff in the US as we do here? growdan is the 1 i use.

    bubble buckets aint acid r they? i spose it depends wot water u use lol.
  18. yeah, and the cool thing about rockwool is ya put the cubes on top and let then fuse together:)
  19. I've been growing nearly 10 years with soil. Hydro is probably better if you're going to be producing larger quantities, but, I'm partial to soil. Personally, I like the taste of soil grown a lot better. Believe me when I say These plants can take a beating, good luck!

  20. i dont think its just about quantity, yeah u get more with hydro all other things being equal but 4 me its also about ease and convenace.

    i think the "bad taste" or at least the not as good as dirt taste u get with some hydro grown pot is from it still having a large amount of nutes in it cus it wasnt fed on just clear water long anough b4 it was harvested. u r wot u eat afterall.

    some soil does change the taste of ur smoke a bit, gud or bad i dunno, its a personal thing, when u feed a hydro plant on just water long enough b4 u harvest then no taste is passed on, all u can taste is pure mj when u smoke, that u cant do with dirt.

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