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  1. OKay city so I have something I have to get off my chest. One of my best friends since probably 7th grade has really been getting to me lately. Dont get me wrong when we go to shows and festivals or chill its always a good time cause we are similar but man.. I swear I cant handle how whenever I try to tell him something i read, hear, thought of, saw on tv he immediately before i even finish starts shaking his head in a way like im trying to teach him something and hes offended Im telling him this and says stuff like " Oh i know man, then states some random shit about it trying to like contest what i say.

    The past year he has been playing piano and trying to learn music theory and I have been playing guitar for about 8 years and when we jam I would try to like explain something and ill get interrupted by the shaking head and hed be like "i... I.. know man its common sense, its basics of music theory" or some shit like that and im just like "............ alright man.." Its not just music though its everything we talk about He ALWAYS KNOWS EVERYTHING and recently its been really bugging me lately. Another example would be he was talking about getting a new PC for christmas and I said something like "Yea dude I got a mac and to me its much smoother and easier to use for what we use..... (interrupted by the shaking head again)" then a " Well I know man the basic setup is more compatible, but I have always been and will be a Pc guy. does that even mean dude chill out Im just telling making conversation and letting you know about my Macbook.

  2. damn i hate people like that, just tell him some random shit thats obviously wrong and see if hes like "oh yea i knew that" only to tell him that it was never true and that u were just doing a test because of his it out
  3. Also when we disagree he always talks as if he is 100% correct, and try to make you sound stupid for an example we were stoned and we started debated the definition of the word intelligence. Here the convo

    Friend: "Anyone who is remotely smart knows intelligence means how much you already know."
    me: "dude Im pretty sure intelligence means like the ability to take in information and keep it and use it correctly"
    Friend: NO dude, come on... intelligence..we learned this in 5th grade. Its how much you already know. Im not going to argue with you man.
    Me: "Chill out man all I am saying is that i dont think you are right its def the ability to take in intel and using it."
    Friend : "seriously your a dumbass look what you just said ""intel-" which means information..which means information you already have, I have straight A's right now man im not stupid, I look it up so you will stfu."
    Me : "whatever man"
    He looks it up
    I start jammin on guitar, we change subjects and forget about it but he never says anything about it. 20 minutes later I look it up without saying anything and read that it is exactly what I said and I tell him and after being a fucking dick about it and trying to put me down and act like a scholar he just smiles and laughs and says shut up dude hahaha woops.

    Fuck guys sorry for the long shit but you gotta read this and understand how fucking annoying it is. HE IS ALWAYS WRONG AND DOES THIS ABOUT EVERYTHING.
  4. Just talk it out with him man, you guys seem like good buddies and its not like you dislike him or anything at all. Bring it up I am sure he will chill, and if he trys to interrupt you point it out as a example.
  5. Yea dude I have a few friends like that, one of them is pretty cool when everythings good but he lies a lot..bugs the shit out of me, so I pretty much dropped him from my circle, because it seemed the bad outwayed the good, and I'd rather not have any of that negative shit.

    Another friend though, the other day I texted him letting him know an ex of his (I knew her first, but passed him the number a few years back) hit me up flirty like and shit, so of course I ask him if it's cool for me to possibly hook up with her, and I told him I meant it and if he wasn't cool with it, I wouldn't even talk to her, you know, we boys.
    So he's like "well of course it bothers me a little because she was the girl I fell hardest for and fucked me over and such, but I got other bitches on my plate now, so nah go for it dude, you knew her first, so its all good."
    I was pretty happy, felt good that I asked him, and even though he wasn't exactly encouraging me to do it, I said fuck it, because I'm really not trying to pass up this pussy.
    Sooo, what kind of annoyed me was when he sent me a picture of his new girl the next day..Normally I'd be like 'nice piece man' but it kind of irked me because it seemed like he was tryin' to one up me because of the conversation from the day before..but it's all good.

    At the end, with friends, I feel that if I can tolerate some of their annoying habits or actions, it's all good, but when you have a friend that lies or is shady or something, then just drop em, I don't need that shit lol :smoke:
  6. I bet he doesnt know pussy.
  7. Sounds like you argue over some dumb shit lol

    The meaning of intelligence? -__-
  8. When some young guys are at the point where insecurity and ego meet, asshole results. Give him a break, have the same convo you had here with us with him and let him know, he is OK with you, he doesn't have to prove anything to you, you guys are already cool.
    Hopefully he will drop the ego and relax.
  9. yea i feel you I have tried to explain it to him but he just denies and it and is like i dont dude n shit. I mean we are 21 years old now i always thought he would grow up. He doesnt lie to me or anything he would back me up no matter what he just always thinks he knows everything so its just hard to talk to him about anything. especially around other people he tries to be extra scholarly because he is finally in college and is getting decent grades. Im going to seriously record a convo and post it so you guys can see. hahah I think the worst part is that the way he expresses himself and reacts is what pisses me off more than anything

  10. haha come on we were baked man give us a break!
  11. Learn to choose better friends.

  12. I would be easy on him thats why i usually don't call him out. I guess it could be because he grew up with ALL sisters he is kinda feminine but he isnt gay for sure. He is a smaller guy and not strong at all and all of his best friends one is a Marine, I played 3 sports in high school and am pretty good size 6'3 185, our other friend played basketball with me. and he didn't play any sports or anything so i feel iike he tried to act smarter than all of us because thats the only thing he could try i guess. Its just he gets such a dickish tone and men expressions when he replies and thinks god forbid someone is trying to teach him something new

  13. hes a great friend always is there for me, always has my back, fun to chill with, whenever I go on trips he comes with and i love the kid, but no one is perfect and his flaw is just real/y annoying.
  14. I know man, I have a friend like that to...

  15. I am that guy, But you want to be smart you got to be logical, I can't and do not know 100% of things, Once in a while I am wrong. But when proven wrong by fact I will admit the other man is right, I also would not insult someone because I think there wrong.

    If he wants to act smart but is always wrong start calling him a dumbass, If he has a cry lay it flat "Stop giving me bullshit facts and I will stop calling you on it"
  16. your friend sounds wicked annyoing. People like that suck.
    Also what he described was knowledge.... your interpretation of intelligence was much more on point. I want to meet this guy so I can rip him a new ass hole (verbally of course).

  17. You have to be able to work it out. Your angst shouldn't head in his direction if he is your friend. Your angst should come from being unable to thus far speak to your friend openly and candidly about the issues you are having. Talking to your friend about this will help you both grow.

    Just an FYI you were both right and wrong about IQ in a way. Intelligence is the ability to assemble data into abstract thought. IQ measures you ability to see something new and practically apply it. Not really a test of what you have learned so much as your capacity to learn. Saying someone is intelligent means that person learns and retains information at a high rate. Intelligence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. Tell him to fuck off? A friend of mine and I have a very similar relationship to yours and your friends. Sometimes switching roles. We let each other know when we're being cocks, we laugh about it, then change the subject. Takes time but it can be done. Like the rest of the world said.. talk to him about it.

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