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    CANELO VS KHAN:Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan is upcoming HBO pay per view boxing on Saturday May 07, 2016 @ T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas ,Nevada,USA. TV: HBO PPV, Time: 9:00pm ET.Get How To Watch Live Stream Online full Update News Here. CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    CANELO ALVAREZ VS AMIR KHAN – Many people expect that this fight since they have been anticipating the one which can replace the disappointing Fight of the Century in the 2015. Oscar predicted that this fight will be the 1 million PPV buys. Indeed, folks can catch up with the match via PPV option. But how this will be big? What is the expectation from the viewers? CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING

    The announcement of this fight is definitely the hype. CANELO VS KHAN There are some points of views which you can look at, billions possibilities, and not least important is within the fight itself. How about the thing from business point of view? Amir Khan has been matched with Canelo and there is no doubt that folks like this decision. First things first, Amir has more popular name. Canelo has also been recognized by his fans around the world. Anyone else can have the fight with Amir Khan, including Golovkin. But with this fight, only few people can predict about how this will sell on PPV.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    Can this fight do the million buys? Well it might be. Regarding of the Khan’s name, there are million folks who want to purchase the PPV and watch the fight right from their screen. The Sky Box Office PPV in the UK and also HBO PPV in the US have such loyal viewers who are eager to spend to watch their favorite sporting game. There is no guarantee of the exact revenue. But that is guarantee that many people will catch up with this event.CANELO VS KHAN

    There is no question anymore about Khan since he will give his best for their fans. How about Canelo? It is not exaggerating that some consider this as strong contender. But he can be a black horse too. He carries the bigger load in his shoulder. canelo alvarez vs amir khan Playing under the PPV has never been easy. However, his skills have been developed for these last 5 years. Khan and Cotto will definitely deliver the good number. The date of the boxing match is very punctual. Canelo has won over Miguel Cotto. In the other side, Khan is potentially struggling to give something to the table moreover for US viewers. When purchasing the PPV, what do you expect from this fight? Guys are you want sure your seats ahead of time so it will be better for you Buy Canelo vs Khan Mega fight Tickets now.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    In only 3 months, we will watch one of the most terrifying fight on earth. Aamir Khan, the British boxer finally choose Canelo Alvarez as his foe. canelo vs khan They will meet up on the ring on May 7th 2016. Canelo has won 46 of his 48 fights. He has been undefeated since 2014 and recently won against Miguel Cotto in 2015. Amir Khan, on the other side, has the determination to bring down this boxer. Actually Aamir Khan wanted to choose Floyd Mayweather Jr as his opponent but he was not blessed. Mayweather announced his early retirement after opposing Andre Berto.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING
    Of course both Khan and his fans were a bit disappointed. So this fight deserves to be the conclusion of Khan’s wishes. He finally picked the decent opponent. His fans also feel the hype and want to support their favorite boxer. Khan vs Canelo will happen at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    Epic fight will not be epic if there is no title on the line. In this fight, WBC Middleweight title of Canelo will be on the line. Both of fighters have been undefeated for a while. Canelo has been undefeated since 2014, and Khan has been undefeated since 2012. So this will be the first of one of them of losing.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE

    Along with the upcoming fight, the great things will be happening. No, the fans will not have the bad dream. And you are not the only one who feels the hype. If that’s your case, neither of us are crazy.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING

    Canelo’s decision is undeniably smart due to choosing the big name for the next event. His winning over Cotto last year has been the solid proof that he is ready to leverage his profile in the professional boxing career. The time is certainly right for Canelo to fight against harder opponent.canelo vs khan

    Isaac Brekken, the Associated Press representative stated that it was a bravery that Khan would take the fight. The world of boxing has been surprised with many courage examples. One of them is the Khan’s decision. Some people stated that Khan would need his luck to end the fight. Of course it is contrast from Khan’s fans.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING

    It is not a foolish to hope Khan will win over Canelo. He has done good job when fighting Algieri. But Algieri is not Canelo. Khan’s team should consider about that. canelo vs khan That’s not to say that Khan does not stand a chance with Canelo. There are tons of possibilities will happen on the ring. There are some differences between him and the other boxer. Canelo, on the other side, is a young star who has not yet revealed his maximum potential.CANELO VS KHAN

    Being the best fighter is more than wearing a belt, but Canelo has the full potent. And Khan is as great boxer as Canelo. He is a great welterweight. Some people wanted to see Mayweather fight against Canelo, and some don’t wonder this fight. But it is still relative. Khan is definitely one of the best welterweight fighters nowadays.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    Their styles are ac knowledgeable. And that is right, styles make their fights. Although some people consider that it is an unnecessary boxing match with non-sensible result, this fight deserves our attention as boxing fans.KHAN VS CANELO LIVE STREAMING

    The big fight will take place on May 7th, 2016 in Las Vegas. The good news is that Khan has signed the deal to fight against Canelo. khan vs canelo The surprising decision by Amir Khan to move to middleweight without having the initial match has left people in shock. However, the event’s date and venue have been settled. Most of their big fans will need to preserve their seat to witness the big fight. Golden Boy Promotions will soon announce the tickets release date in the official press-conference weeks before the event happen.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    Canelo vs Khan: Canelo vs khan fight will be held on 7 may 2016 in Las Vegas at the new T-Mobile Arena. The fight will be under HBO Pay Per View. It was announcement from HBO which has gained shock & excitement to the folks but no doubt that match will be the big one in 2016.CANELO VS KHAN

    The fans have drawn different reaction, some has raised & believe canelo vs khan live will be marked as big fight but rest other doubt Amir Khan vs Canelo Alvarez don’t attack million of buys. But all of fans will remember that both player already achieve the great player title. Both players one khan won Chris Algieri in his last fight on the other side canelo won his last fight boxing superstar Cotto. So no doubt it will be a big boxing ppv fight title name Saúl Álvarez vs Amir Khan.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM
    We all know that khan vs canelo will be held as HBO PPV. Oscar de la Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions is the promoter of this Canelo vs Khan boxing fight. Oscar de la Hoya told it will be the big match & occur millions of buys because he is the optimistic promoter so that he know the real revenue of the game. The two player one is Khan has excellent boxing skills. He is a British professional boxer and two-time former world champion, having held the unified WBA and IBF light-welterweight titles. He currently holds the WBC Silver welterweight title, and has fought at three weight classes: lightweight, light-welterweight, and welterweight. He won 31 match over his 34 match. But, is he really capacity to watch millions of fans him over pay per view? canelo vs khan live streaming
    On the other side great Mexican Boxer Saúl Canelo Álvarez is the current lineal The Ring, and WBC middleweight champion, as well as a former WBC, WBA. CANELO VS KHAN HBO PAY PER VIEW The Ring light middleweight champion .He is currently ranked the best pound-for-pound boxer by BoxRec. He win 46 fight over his 48 match. He has a strong punch, great strategy, speed which make him a big boxer around the world. So it is clear no doubt for Canelo vs Khan as a big title which obviously make big amount of ppv sales. Oscar de la Hoya also believes that it will access Canelo vs Cotto fight that happened in November last year KHAN VS CANELO LIVE STREAM

    The upcoming fight canelo vs khan, most anticipated question is that what will happen? All fans also think so, is that bring a great fight or give a bad dream for the fans. Canelo is a smart player & his next decision is the best because khan also a great player. Both players have a lot of fans, they expect brave fight both the players.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE

    Canelo already unbeaten from 2014, he won his last fight between cotto in last year. Obviously he proof himself as a big boxing professional career. CANELO VS KHAN People says the decision of canelo fight with khan as a bravery& courageous. Khan fans also happy for selecting as big boxer canelo. Khan had fought a brave fight with algieri but he is not canelo. So it is not easy for khan to win over canelo. The both side are strong for their specific power. Canelo has full potent to win but khan also a powerful boxer. So we will wait for the result until the fight end.
    So folks wait & obviously watch this big title Canelo vs Khan. KHAN VS CANELO LIVE STREAM

    Canelo Alvarez will fight against Amir Khan on May 7 in Las Vegas. Considering the records and fan following, Canelo vs Khan fight will be one of the biggest fight on HBO’s pay-per-view. Although, many experts and fans are very much surprised about the fight, but no doubt that it is happening. As we all know, Amir Khan has a huge fan following. His skills made many people fans of him. But do they fan enough to watch him over pay-per-view? That question is already raised in boxing industry. They don’t think it is not as big fight as it is promoting. They doubt that it would not be sold as expected. But not all people agree with them. They thought that both fighters have enough followers to make the fight big enough.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    But the best thing about the fight is the both boxers are ready for everything. And yes, they want to do everything to make marks on the page of PPV boxing history. ALVAREZ VS KHAN For Amir Khan, the match is a big challenge. He wants some big fights to move on his career. He says, “It was hard for me to motivate myself when I was fighting these other fighters. No disrespect to Algieri, or the other fighters I fought. I’ve always expected the big fights against like Mayweather, against Pacquiao, and when those fights aren’t happening it’s hard for me to motivate myself. And now it’s come to a time where it’s the biggest fight of my career against someone like Canelo where I know I can’t make a mistake so this is such a big motivation for me…I’ve always been asking for a big fight, and my time has come now so I’m not one to just let it go and get beat.” Canelo vs Khan can be a big opportunity for him. And he is strong enough to take that challenge. “I want to prove to people this is where I belong. Putting the weight on… it’s not slowed down the speed one bit. ALVAREZ VS KHAN LIVE STREAM The speed is still there, the punch power is increased obviously. I’ve been sparring guys and they all say they feel the power. But I don’t want to focus on too much of the power because I don’t want it to slow me down and make that mistake where I’m trying too hard to throw a big shot.” CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    On the other hand, Canelo Alvarez is flying after his win again against Cotto. He is on the pick of his career. He wants to fight against Mayweather and Pacquiao. But both players have gone into retirement. Canelo still hopes that he will fight with them someday. CANELO VS KHAN But as far as it does not happen, Canelo must prove himself. Against Amir, Canelo can make his profile high by beating him. And he is ready for that. “I’ve got the experience now to know how to deal with it,” He said to Fighthype in talking about Khan’s hand speed. “He is fast and it is complicated, but I feel I have the experience now. I’ve fought fighters that are just as fast, I feel and I’ll be able to deal with it,” said Canelo.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING

    Box Nation have secured the distinctive United empire live Television privileges for the main battle of the entire year between kickboxing stars Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan on Sunday seventh Might at the brand new modern Tmobile Market in town.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAM

    In a Wonderful buy, The Route of Winners may display the incredible faceoff that matches Canelo Alvarez, the white blood corpuscle and Lineal Middleweight World-Champion, against Uk mavin connected former cuckold world-champion emir Khan in a explosive hit fight.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE

    BoxNation, United Nations agency inside the 1st four weeks of the year may have revealed 5 of the 10 greatest pound-for-pound fighters inside the planet in Sergey Kovalev, Andre Ward, Terence Crawford and Gennady Golovkin totally reside, provides to its customers and English fight fans the super-battle of the entire year.CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING ONLINE FREE

    “I’m pleased and happy the largest battle of the year between CANELO VS KHAN PPV will be broadcast entirely reside in the united kingdom on BoxNation,” stated Joe Warren, Chairperson of BoxNation. “We’ve had a remarkable year thus far with five outside of the top world’s greatest combatants all presenting their abilities on the Station Of Winners and today the wonderful inclusion of Canelo vs. Khan.CANELO VS KHAN PAY PER VIEW

    The battle has captured the imagination of people because Khan is getting an enormous risk by shifting up a few pounds sections to confront among the very fearsome fighters on the planet in Canelo. It’s a remarkable battle that contains the people, industry and media all schism. May Amir beat the likelihood and utilize his quick feet and fingers to beat the raw violence and strength of Canelo? British combat fans will soon have the ability to discover just on BoxNation.” CANELO VS KHAN LIVE STREAMING

    Canelo makes the main defense of his WBC and Lineal Middleweight World-Championship overhead – he won against Puerto Rican competition Miguel Cotto last November – at the catch-weight of 155lbs, yet now should fit his strength and fierce mix striking against Khan’s super fast and energy-packaged fists. All you need to know about Canelo vs han.canelo vs khan live

    “Amir Khan and I are just two players and I will be happy that such a significant network-like BoxNation may be airing our battle in Britain,” mentioned Canelo Alvarez. “This shows the great curiosity which exists in this super-fight on May 7, and can remind every one that the devotees will be the people that will be successful because we are going to provide a fantastic fight.” CANELO VS KHAN LIVE

    Boxnation is happy to telecast Amir versus Canelo. “BoxNation is an excellent program associate to take the Canelo vs khan huge battle in Britain,” mentioned Oscar De La Hoya, chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Golden-Boy Promotions. “Canelo Khan is a global battle, with Mexico’s largest superstar combatant confronting Uk’s largest superstar combatant, therefore I am delighted English people are going to have the chance to capture the action on BoxNation.” CANELO VS KHAN LIVE

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