That feel when

Discussion in 'General' started by Faramir, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Sleeping at 9 am an waking up at 7 pm

    Feels bad man
  2. Yea, that sucks bro.
  3. Unless you're prepping yourself for a heavy night out. Then it's sick.

    But yeah mostly those sorts of days reek of depression for me...
  4. Werd it's like you missed the whole day.
  5. My past 6 months have been bed at 7 wake at 2, its not good.
  6. that burley feeling waking up and her pussy juices glues your nut to your leg
  7. That sucks in winter, I was only like this once when I was younger and discovered the greatness of staying up all night. Went to bed at 7am, woke at 5-6pm, so it was dark when I went to sleep and dark when I woke up. Fix that shit up man, just stay up like all night and day so you end up falling asleep 6-8pm and you'll fix that in no time.
  8. Yeah exactly lol

    Id be a good vampire xD

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