That dog winked at me!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DarkMatter, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. I just want to let u people know that my friends dog winked at me while i was high. I know it might sound very stupid or farfetched to b e true but i swear that dog winked at me. Has anyone else had an experience like that with animals? Also every time that I am stoned at home my birds wont shut up. I have 2 of them and they wont shut up everytime that im stoned at home. Does this mean anything to you? I mean what if... WHAT IF u could communicate with animals while under the influence, or maybe they can communicate with you,.., Does this sound like something out of "RoadTrip"? I know it does,,, thats the first thing that crossed my mind. BUT I SWEAR!!!!!!!!! That dog winked at me...
    Heres how it happened, my friends picked me up from work, we drove to my friends house, we walked in and the dog was sittin there i petted it and looked at it, like i would normally do if i had a dog ( i love dogs, funny... i dont have one), then we went to the basement smoked up. We were leaving the house, im walking towards the door and i look at the dog, and there it happened. It winked at me.. it was weird, but cool. I just couldnt believe it. I told my friends later on, and they didnt believe me. It was crazy. But anyway, if anything like this has happened to anyone else, please by all means, post it under here, or any replies or thoughts about this. thanks u guys.
  2. this happened to me. I was messing with my dog one night, pretending to hit on her. (yes, pretending Im not this hard up for all you sickos that Ill be seeing in church later..can someone wipe down that back pew btw) and as I was really laying it on thick...(in my low sexy lets go to bed voice) "so whaddya think?" throwing *my puppy dog eyes at her..what the hell does she do?!?! wink. I lost it. I had just got done smoking, of course, and she knew it. I swear she knew I was all stoney messing with yeah, I had a doggie wink at me too!
  3. My puppy does that all the time to me (winks)! P.S. Maybe the birds are stoned too!
  4. My dogs wink all of the time. Oh and my bird NEVER shuts the fuck up so consider yourself lucky.
  5. we have 2 african hedgehogs and they wink at me all the time... mostly when they're tired... i did carry on a "conversation" with one by blinking once, we went back and forth, blinking both eyes and then winking, and then she'd do it...

    she's cool... smarter than most ppl think... i think animals want to talk to us, we just don't notice it :)

    crimson king
  6. DAMN, there is seriously something wrong with that dog, or me! The dog winked at me and my friend(again)! it happened just as it happened the first time. I got out of work we did the same routine just like we do every weekend, to my friends house, to the basement, and then when we were leavin, and it did it again. It looked at me, then at my friend and he winked. There's no denying it! that dog knows of the things going on in that basement. at least i like to think so! But anyway, dogs are cool!
  7. my mate has this spinny as fyck dog and hes always winkin at me but he does it when no1 else is lookin so everyone thinks im mad. i believe that dogs were stoners in their past life and r tryin 2 communicate with us in the only way they can so bong on with all the animals
  8. My buddy has a Shizoodle. Part poodle, part shitzu (sp?). Anyway, I swear that I've seen that little furball winking at me before!!
  9. lol ......... ok
  10. dogs are cool. I love them, they have such different personalities and they are smart! and I think its funny as hell that they wink...I think they know theyre fuckin with us! ;)
  11. man dogs wink all the time... its nothing special...

    my dog is a little bitch when he's not stoned... normally.. he would just lie down.. and if u would go to cuddle him he would growl at u to get lost... but when ever i get stoned in the same room with him.. and he gets stoned too... he is soooooo loving... and he wont leave me alone.. he just wants to give me kisses... if funny... then he gets the munchies.. and goes and eats shit... and just the other day.. i spilled some bong water in the washroom.. and i was really baked so i forgot to pick it up.. and my dog came in(he was stoned too) and he drank all the bong water... man.. my dog is a stoner
  12. so is scooby. I caught scooby doo last night and it was like shaggy and him were in their little stoner mode and it was all slow..all the sudden scoob winks at shaggy!! I was blown away!! I was hoping ya'll were watching the same episode i was! it was funny as hell, after this thread!
  13. Dude, I have had this same experience when an animal winked at me. This kills me as I laugh my ass off.
  14. animals are the best. I have 4 dogs that are spoiled like crazy and all they ever want is loving. Ive never gotten one stoned before although I plan on it as soon as I get another sac my little pug dog is gonna fly. As far as wanting to communicate, animals are able to communicate with one another in body language. They know that we can speak to ourselves though, im sure of that because they learn there names pretty quickly, and even revognize some words such as 'feeding time' and 'sleep'. My dogs do anyway.
  15. I dunno about dogs, but I PROMISE U the little money spider on my computer just waved at me!!! Lol....Oh fuxck, I dont even know where its gone now, maybe its trying to scale the sheer cliff that is my leg.Why it would want to do thatIm not sure, but you never know with money spiders, they're cheeky little buggers at the best of times.. I love stoner thoughts.....:)


    dude did you just fucking say Shizoodle?


    damn im stoned..... dog likes to smoke with me and my friends. shes always winkin at me and shit. sometimes we dance. its pretty trippy
  17. n1gn0gs pug's winked at me before, from first glance it looks like dogs/cats almost don't have eyelids :)
  18. ya my dog winked at me to, and then started to hump me leg............ i bet the birds were stoned
  19. It cracks me up when my dog burps. he always gets this look on his face like what the fuck just happened ;)
  20. dude, i know what your talking about, the scrubbing bubbles mascot thingy winked at ME! wow, im stoned but it winked at me man we aint CRAZY! wait we are



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