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That Creeper Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by imageek, May 6, 2016.

  1. You know that weed where you smoke a gram and 20 minutes later you still feel sober. You're like damn I need to smoke a bit more. Your high starts creeping up on you slowly, every minute things getting more intense. Then bam! 15 minutes later you're riding a cosmic unicorn through the centre of the universe.

    That type of weed is nice. Knocks you back. Any strains common for these types of creeping highs?
  2. It's mostly an Indica dominant thing. I'm not positive but I think there is some relation in higher %'s of certain cannabinoids that can cause the "creeping effect". Trainwreck is a known to be a creeper and it's a sativa.
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  3. Haha that type of bud always gets my homie. He'll be rolling a blunt and all of a sudden "damn dude I can't do it" it's great

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  4. I used to love those lol although just waiting a little would have saved me a good amount of weed
  5. Yeah, I like this kind because then I actually have time to prepare for being high for the next 5 hours. Kind of like when you're leaving for a long road want at least some time to pack your bags and get familiar with the route beforehand...instead of being forced to leave immediately without any preparation. Trying to clean out your pipe and prepare food while dealing with the onset of a high is quite stressful tbh.
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    Has anybody here ever experience after a smoke sesh you become sober for like almost a minute and then your high comes back? Happened to me once off this certain strain and I can never forget it.

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  7. I tend to find this happens whatever I smoke. If I get up and move around or go upstairs, go to the toilet etc - the high seems to almost disappear temporarily - but when I sit back down and focus on nothing but the waves of feelings it comes right back on and I can just let it take me deeper again :)

    Good times...

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