that better be a joint

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  1. how about this....

    In an effort to conceal and disguis my wife and my smokinh habit I found a ciggerete. Its just a crappy little Indian cig called a beedie or bidi. the lady at the liquer store told me it was tobacco rolled in a leaf and it looked like a joint. i bought a couple packs and at various office, neighborhood, family, etc functions, I would pull one and take a puff.

    people would ask "what's that?" I would say that it was an indian cigarette. i would hold it and smoke it in the same motion as a joint. Now when someone sees me hitting a joint, I can always say "No, that musta been a bidi" Cause they smell all weird and funcky with different flavors. Good disguise I thought.

    but then those crappy little fuckers start tasting good. att first that tasted like a dried camel turd, but now... yummy... So now i sometimes sneak out of the house to take a hit of a vanilla bidi like some sphmore age sorority girl study Art history rather than a joint.

    So no the old lady is on my ass to slac;k off of them when were at home and not needing to camoflage. So the other night I'm out sneaking a vanilla bidi and the SHE catches me. And the first thing she says is............
  2. *LMAO* and you think i'm full of shit?
  3. yeah bidis are really bad for you too. One bidi is equal to approximately 524 cigarettes. Or something like that... anyway they're real bad.
  4. They may be bad but them vanilla ones sure do tatse good!
  5. Yup, I remember bidis, always hated them. But back in the day we used to smoke them thinking we were getting high from them.

    Spaceman - 1 bidi = 524 cigarettes, yeah right! lol. Just like one joint is like smoking a whole pack of cigs..... I love these generalizations, they're like urban myths.

    While on the topic, please tell me there's no one here who actually believes that one joint is as bad and toxic as 20 cigarettes.
  6. well personal i think there is nothing wrong with smoking weed. You just cant let it get out of control. and its bad when you start smoking weed to run from life.
  7. I've never seen them around here but if they have vanilla they must be good. I'm a big fan of vanilla. Hey everybody longtime no see. Miss Me? j/k

  8. Oh u know im just digging around lol
  9. [​IMG]

    Seriously? 10 years old.
  10. lol dude hasnt even signed on in about 4 years
  11. haha thats a funny story. those things are so weird! ive never seen em before. being a cigar smoker i wanna try one now.
  12. holy crap haha didn't even notice the age.
  13. Where am I? and why is this whole page hilarious?
  14. I am from the year 2011 to say this:

    Fuck tobacco, smoke weed everyday.

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