That bar was fire thread!!!

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  1. Simple...What are some of your favorite bars...nothing too long..just a line that you thought needed to be shared...

    "Im on my black man in the future shit call me Billy Dee"-Lupe Fiasco-"I'm Beaming"

    "Baby had tried to steal off the payroll/Ill have n!gg@s scrappin the skin off the ya face with the same shit that peal a potato"-Lloyd Banks-Work Magic

    "Ask my momma man, You could see a mic in my sonogram"-Wax

    I got alot more..just cool ones I heard in the last hour or so
  2. lmao workmagic used to be my old screename..i love that song

    just a couple recent ones i like

    "yankee game, better seats then Rudy got, fruity pot, has me with the eyes Matsui got"

    "everybody got the blues and its evident, got workers losin they jobs and they residence, and overseas *****s filin out, straight wildin out, throwin they shoes at the president"

    "i can show u new things, have ya feelin spiritual, pastor kerney thomas to these hoes - MIRACLESSSS"

    "rap for hire, call me if help is needed, i got this whole shit covered - Darrelle Revis"
    joe buddens

    "you make songs for the club where *****s drinkin, i make em for the ride home, when *****s thinkin"

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