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  1. I'm in love with my bestfriend, and she doesn't like me back. and everytime I'm with her I just am overwhelmed by it and act like a complete asshole, because I'm just hooked.
    Never been with a girl, never liked a girl before her. don't even consider myself bi.
    I'm just hopelessly in love with my bestfriend, and I don't know what to do about it.
    Figured someone out there would understand. :eek:
  2. Are you a lezy
  3. Is it emotional or sexual love? Or both? Women are more capable of changing their sexual preference to suit their situation. And strong emotional bonds between women are natural. I have several female friends who I love the way that I might love a partner, but I'm happy to stand back and think of them only as very close friends. Though if they jumped me and started stripping down you can bet I wouldn't put up a fight. ;)
  4. hahahaha I feel you on that one! (; I definitely think it's both. Like she's the one person I want to be with all the time, the only person who makes me incredibly happy always. it's more than just the love from a friendship, and it's been over a year. I guess that's how I also have to think of it, just be happy that I can be in her life as a close friend even if that means it will never be anything else. it just sucks.

  5. That is hot

  6. Better person than I, had a situation very similar to yours some years back. In the end I destroyed our friendship intentionally and alienated her on purpose because I would rather never see her again then daily interact with someone I knew I would never be with.

    Been in a wonderful relationship for almost 3 yrs now, realized at the 6 month mark that when it came to the ruined friendship that it was my hormones and my dick driving me rather than what I truly felt from inside
  7. oh wow :/ her and I have stopped being friends once before and I went into the worst depression, so I can't ever see myself doing that. Do you regret that you lost her as a friend?
  8. Fake friends stab you in the back real friends stab you in the front
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