That awkward forced small talk

Discussion in 'General' started by Wet Horse Lips, May 6, 2011.

  1. God damn, it happened to me twice today.

    Once at the dentist, and once at the hairdresser's.

    "Are you from ______ originally?" (hygienist)

    "What are your plans this summer?" (hairdresser)


    Not a big deal, except both times today the conversation somehow turned to my relationship status. I just don't know how to tell them I met my girlfriend on GrassCity. I'm not embarrassed, it's just... I don't even wanna get into that and I don't like lying but I always say we met on a music forum.

    "Oh yeah, we met online." Usually the reply is "Oh wow. That must be tough, the distance and what not."

    But today, the prissy little hairdresser goes as far as to say "How many times have you been to see each other?" (being that it's an LDR) and when I tell her, she says: "Oh, why is it so hard to just find someone around here?"


    Of course I didn't say that.

    What I'm wondering is, do you all just lie in these situations when they become awkward? Because they always become awkward. My dentist called me hippy Jesus today and told me to audition for a pageant. And he always announces to the random dental hygienist that my front teeth looked like shit up until three years ago when I got them capped.

    "Looked like they had already been prepped for dental work, all filed down" etc.

    Like, could you fuck off mate? Is that the water cooler story that's been working for you the past little while?
  2. It's only awkward if you make it that way

  3. Well I guess I am one awkward motherfucker.
  4. i generally jsut give a blank stare and dont even bother to respond. Gets the point across quick that I aint in the mood to bullshit

    my picture is in the dictionary next to awkward.
  5. I'm no good at inane chit-chat. Usually, if I'm around people and I don't have much to say, I just won't say anything at all.

    But, there are people that I have to deal with on a daily basis at work that just never shut the hell up and they're oblivious to the fact that I could care less what they have to say.

    ...oh well.
  6. It's twice as awkward when they have their hands in your mouth.
  7. I lie sometimes too when it's awkward, not even on purpose either... Then I look back at it and wonder why I lied bout some dumb shit haha.
  8. Wut - Quote -And he always announces to the random dental hygienist that my front teeth looked like shit up until three years ago when I got them capped - End Quote

    Time for a private chat with the Dentist. Dude, is there no patient confidentiallity?

  9. I give like one or two word answers and then don't talk and just close my eyes. It's whatever. I just know people don't have the capacity to deal with the fact I met my lady on a cannabis community. I know they don't. Why probe? She was actually interrogating me, hahaha. And then seemed to get really violent with the scissors. Oh well, my hair looks fine.

    Yup, I wish I could somehow convey the point that just because I'm not being talkative, doesn't mean I'm trying to be awkward or a flat-out dick.

    "Mmmmfhmph enh unnnngh mmmpfh"
  10. Try asking a few inappropriate questions of your own. As soon as you hit a nerve she will shut the fuck up.
  11. Yeah, that would have happened exactly once with me. People treat you the way you allow them to treat you. He sounds really insecure (dentist) otherwise he wouldn't use an insult to his patient as a means of bragging about himself. Probably couldn't hack med school. ;)
  12. I always bullshit because they're being just as fake as I am. :p

    that lady cutting my hair doesn't give two shits what my day was like or what I'm into.
  13. Never really had these awkward convos. But it still baffles me why dentists do the most small talk while simultaneously obstructing your means of talking.
  14. lol, they know you won't interrupt :D
  15. i usually just bullshit dont even give my real name sometimes
  16. i dont need to lie to random strangers, im too swagged out for that

    plus living with like thousands of people on one block probably helps too.

    random small talk is always awesome espec if there genuinely nice. over here thats hard to see.

    i never start small talk though i just like to smile and just go with it haha.
  17. I just give them short answers like listen lady, im here to get my haircut, not explain my life story

  18. You're right though...

    I've got money. Why is that never good enough?

    Oh well, I suppose we shall all have to endure these conversations for years to come.
  19. you mean just saying lets fuck doesnt work anymore...:confused:
    damn you guys have it rough...times used to be so different..:D

    does swagged out mean ur britches are hanging at the back of your knees :confused:
  20. I used to feel like I had to fill in conversations with random crap, but then I just realized I could be quiet and only say something when I felt like it.

    But luckily my barber is a 70 year old Italian immigrant who tells me the craziest fucking stories I've heard. None of them have a point, but I like listening to him.

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