That awesome moment when everything goes to shit.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by kitrobinsontk, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. So; this will be brief. i'm in a pissy mood.
    lets start
    so, i've been out of weed for a day now ( i still have a miniscule amount, not even a bowl,) that im saving for tomorrow morning, just to be sure i get high. I gett paid tomorrrow afternoon.
    sso, im sitting outside, a little stoned off of some resin. i have a toothpick and im scraping some more out. I decide that i should just get a pipe cleaner (one of the fuzzy colorful ones for arts &crafts) i mean, they ARE called that for a reason.. right? well, once i get the pipe cleaner, i notice its a little tooo fluffy (its not a regular one) and decide to burn it off. :confused_2: and NOW things start to get shitty. The thing takes a second to catch, and i watch the plasticy-yarn shrivel up, and than it catches, the flame is huge and hot still-on-fire plastic lands on my hand. & iin between my fingers. I jump; the book the scraped out resin is on slides off my legs, as does my pipe. my pipe makes no alarming Glass-breaking noise (probably because it had already been taped) i get down and gather the book, a few chunks of big resin, than pick my pipe up, immediately small shards of glass crumble out from the taped, another peice falls off, seperating the taped peice completely from the other half of the bowl, and the stem. FUCK MY LIFE. but than, i notice about 2 bowls worth of nice sticky resin from the parts of the bowl i couldnt reach, i go in to tell my mom what has happened, she comforts me (im kindof yelling) and promises to get me a new one, as long as its less than 25$.
    So, was being burned, and the final breaking of my beautiful rainbow thick glass pipe, from the boy i loved, annd a few days with a home made pipe worth a new 25$ pipe, and 2 bowls of resin?
    The optiimist in me wants to say yes, it is. The pipe is now retired, sitting in a small box in my closet. i dont think i'm ready to get rid of it quiite yet.

    Keep smoking.
    -katheryn. :smoking:
  2. Just use paper clips.

    If you use a pipe cleaner, you'll get some of the material in the resin too. Also, pipe cleaners are for unclogging drains, the kind of pipes that hair and nasty shit go through, not smoke.

    Or maybe you can just hold off being high until you re-up again? Just a thought.
  3. By the time you were using a toothpick, I would have already of said "Fuck it, ill get high tomorrow."
  4. Dats baser shit yo
  5. mother of god next thing you know you'll log off internet explorer and immediately realize you need it again.
    why god whyyyyyy:(
  6. Maaaaah! I broke the bowl again! Buy me a new one!!!
  7. If the pipe breaking means everything is going to shit, i sure as hell dont want YOUR life. sounds rugged rough. I wouldnt be closing your internet browser anytime soon!! might end up putting a bullet through your own skull from the severe depression:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:x10000000
  8. if you wanted to clean ur piece you should have put it in a zip lock bag with warm water and sea salt. and shook that bitch. !
  9. i think op is just sayin what happened.

    i dont think op had any weed and was scrappin resin from a pipe that was already broken but fixed with tape.

    had a few good pieces of resin to get a buzz but went in for the big ones, so got a fuzzy pipe cleaner with scrubbies to make it easier, but the scrubbies on it were abit big, burned the scrubbies, almost caught fire, dropped everything and pipe broke...

    but atleast she got more resin!!!!
    and mom got her a new pipe. ultra swag!!

    yo im too high
  10. Long ago when I lived at home, if I had went yelling to my mom that I just broke my bowl I would most certainly NOT have gotten comfort or an offer to buy a new one. Sounds like you've got it made.

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