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that avatar thingy

Discussion in 'General' started by Punks Not Dead, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. is there a way to change a picture to fit into the avartar thingy hting? ummm...yah
  2. hehee how do you do it? do i need to download like a photoshop thingy or ... :p
  3. You can do it with MS Paint, if you have to

    Open the picture you want for an avatar, and then click on Image--->Stretch/Skew. Just put in a smaller percentange for the stretch (make sure they're both the same or your picture will look weird) until it's a size allowed (sizes are 75x75 pixels, I forget the file size). It's not very acurate that way, and will take a lot of tweaking, but it works.

    Or if you want, I can do it for you (I have Photoshop) and with Photoshop I can do it accurately.
  4. Looks like i'm to late..

    Listen to those above^^^^
  5. make an umpa lumpa avatar!
  6. Ok thanks. Ill try it with the MS paint.
  7. Thanks Hempress :D it worked.

  8. No prob :)

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