That 70's Show!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, May 12, 2006.

  1. Haha, omg i just ripped like 6 personal bowls outta my new pipe and wow, im CHEWED! lol, i was a bit depressed, but then i toked haha...

    Anyways, Fox tv is showing the final goodbye series, its like interviews and shit, its pretty funny..

    I wish they had another season comin out :(
  2. Damn, i didnt even know it was going off air, it was a pretty tight show.
  3. O wow. I didnt know this was the last season. I watch the reruns every day just about. Its one of my top shows.
  4. Yup def one of my fav shows, thats a damn bummer. im watchin it gettin all teary eyed, THIS BOWL IS FOR THE CIRCLE!
  5. Aww man i didnt know it was ending. I love though old episodes more anyway though. That show kicks ass! :metal: WOOT!!
  6. many hours watching that 70s show. Next bowl is for them( Fez is the shit)
  7. Yeah I'm checking that out too. Sux to see it end. What are they going to come out with to rival that? Better be good.
  8. Aw its kind of sad, I grew up watching that its gone.

  9. I'm really gonna miss the circle, i hope there will be another show like it or something..OR maybe..ill make one:eek: !

    ...Maybe not, but that'd be tight..haha, Get some GC stoners to star in it hahaha:hello:
  10. I'd be in it for sure bread!


  11. Yo Mamma totally put Fez to shame. Fuck....i watch it so much though cause it's so damn funny/embarrasing! But yeah man good show....i knew it was going down after Eric left. Why did he leave anyways? real life not him going to africa :p .
  12. does suck...though the previous few seasons haven't been all that great. the series finale airs on the 18th of this month (thursday)

  13. they tried bread....remember That 80's Show? haha u just cant measure up to the 70's
  14. Haha, nah do it future shit, big plasma tv, xbox 360, leather chairs hahaha..YI..rippin outta RooRs and Hookahs haha!:smoking:
  15. It's crazy it's been almost 9 years and I've followed the show from the begining. I got a little teary-eyed towards the end of the whole thing, and the last episode on Thursday is gonna be pretty crazy knowing that there isn't gonna be another season. I can't think of how many times I've sat in my room and smoked while they group was smokin in the circle in the basement. My next bowl is for the basement.:wave::bongin:
  16. Yeah, it really sucks..i wish they wouldnt cancel it, gonna order all the seasons i think :D
  17. Ahhhhh I love that show. I actually cried during the final goodbye thing. :p The "360's" as they called them in the basement were just awesome. I remember when I first saw them in the circle and I didn't smoke then, so it took me a little while to figure out what that was all about. :eek: I'm gonna miss that gang.
  18. i wish they would still show the reruns like they do on the weekends with MASH, that would be cool we can still see the show at least, but it'll come out on DVD if it is not already, good show , it will be missed. JOE>

    P.S. I love Fez man he iz funny ash Hell!
  19. while i'm not a huge fan of the show, the first time i ever got stoned i was watching that show. as the bad religion song says "everything must cease."
  20. [quote name='br3ad_']I'm really gonna miss the circle, i hope there will be another show like it or something..OR maybe..ill make one:eek: !

    wat would it b about? make it canadian.

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