that 70s show

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  1. that 70s show is crack... leo is my dude:smoke:
  2. why don't they ever show them hitting joints?
  3. maybe to keep the pg rating... it would be dope to see eric puff an L
  4. No way would they show smoking a J on a network show.

    The fact that theres a certain "haze" in the background whenever they circle cracks me up though :p
  5. Yeah I always thought because it's a network show and the rating and legal reasons.
    But it would be sick to see them hitting bongs and stuff using "legal product".
  6. The time leo mistakes his bag of dog food for bag of bud was hilarious!
  7. Fuck yeah!

    I got the complete collection for Christmas. Dunno why I quit watching em then just picked up Season 4 the other day and started watching it again. Half way through Season 7 right now. Funniest fuckin show.

    And yeah they make comments about weed, but never really say it to keep their rating.

    And that episode is fuckin hilarious

    "Good thing they didn't look in the bag" :hello:

    Can't decide my favorite character. Between Bob, Hyde, and Red.

  8. They're supposed to be kids. That'd never get by the censors.

    Last night's episode of two and half men showed Charlie rolling a joint. He rolled it really poorly, which you know is good acting because I bet Charlie Sheen could a perfect number with each hand blindfolded on acid. Even so, I was completely floored to see a pretty accurate representation of a bag of bud (it looked like buds, not a bag of oregano like they usually use) and joint rolling even though they never showed anyone smoking it.

  9. Kittie FTW! She completely makes that show.

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