That 70's Show!

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  1. Is the fuckin bubble guts!! hahaha :laughing:

    I wish I could've been in one of their circles :smoke:

    Who else is a 70's show fan??
  2. One of the best!

  3. Huge fan, yet I've never seen like the last four episodes before the finale.
    GREAT show though. Hard to believe they lasted so many seasons and were able to keep up frikkin tons of laughs. Pretty great character growth and development over the years too.

    The only thing I HATED about the show was changing actresses for Laurie. Anyone know wth is up with that? Did Lisa Robin Kelly quit or get shit canned? :confused:

    One of their circles would be awesome.
    Though a circle with the actors would be amazing.
    Suspect a real circle in those days would have been pretty great too.

    Ah good times, good times.
    Think I'll go catch up on those few episodes then begin again...
  4. That 70's Show is the best.

  5. Yeahh it's kind of hard to tell which episodes fit in where haha

    & I never really found that out either. Maybe that's something I can go look up later on.
    But once Eric left for Africa & they casted that new guy (i don't even know his name) I didn't like the show that much anymore.

    It seemed too modern to still be that 70's show haha
    Don't get me wrong though, it's still hilarious!!

    I laugh every time I watch it :]
    & I think I would keep it to only Danny Masterson & Wilmer Valderrama.
    Oh & Mila Kunis for sure!! haha
  6. Great show, but you do know there is a huge that 70's show thread already?

  7. haha nahh I wasn't aware. I didn't look through the threads much I just felt like posting my own because I was high :]
  8. my FAAAVORITE show. Donna is SO hot.
  9. I recently started watching it again after not watching it since like middle school. the older episodes are pretty damb funny.

    I love when fez starts talking about oppression and his ant farm. lol
  10. Love this show its hilarious I'm watching it right now...the first show is actually on...its the debut re-run
  11. show is great. got burned out on it though watching it to much. and yea after eric left it was a lil weak, but still watchable

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