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That 70's realistic is their depiction of smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Antony, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Not the actual act of getting high, I've always felt they depicted that realistically. I'm talking about the fact that they openly smoke in the basement. A place which is shown to be used fairly frequently by the parents. It's not like they try to hide it either. They smoke in a circle in the family room of the basement. I find it hard to believe they would never be walked in on by say Kitty coming down to get the laundry.
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  2. Well they almost always have incense lit. And It seems like that's how kids would smoke back in the 70s.

    Either way that's one of my most favourite show of all time.
  3. I mean, they use incense, and its the 70's. In reality, it wouldn't work out, but then they couldn't do "The Circle".

    "It has a carbon-fiber air cooled engine and it runs on water man!" "Oh, so it is a boat."
    Love that show...
  4. Well Me and my friends smoked openly in my basement around a round table until we got caught. But thats only because it was super stanky dank shit. We didn't even attempt to air it out because we were sooooo baked as hell. To this day my dad still refers to the basement as Foremans Basement.
  5. Makes me wish I was alive in the 70's.
  6. This ^^^^^^
  7. wait... are they high the whole time? :smoking:
  8. that show became quit old after seeing every episode.

    and being high while watching it.
  9. As an old stoner that was getting high in the 70s. The show is very accurate. Most parents didn't know much about weed. The smell wasn't quite as distinct then as it is now so it was much easier to cover up. My friends and I smoked, in the downstairs family room of one of their houses most every evening and weekend.
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  10. The 70's? Fuck ya.
  11. Hah. Also, the room is way too smoky all the time.
  12. They did get caught smoking downstairs
  13. I wasn't around in the 70s, but this sounds like the most realistic answer. Nowadays, everyone knows what weed smells like. Back then, I'm sure it was the case of "what's that smell?" "oh me and Ryan were just playing some football in freshly cut grass".
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  14. They've been "caught" in a few episodes. :smoke: The show is great !...Although if you check out Ashton Cutcher and Demi's Obama plegde video, you'll despise him pretty quickly.

  15. I agree :)

    I always enjoy when they box the camera shop with Chong, always gives me a good laugh.
  16. Oh fo sho
  17. good vibes in this thread

  18. There's a good energy in the gym.
  19. i just started watching season one again on netflix, i noticed the same. and their eyes didn't get red at all but he was still visually tripping pretty hard
  20. One of the best scenes from this show. I mean that show.

    [ame=]YouTube - That 70's show - Hyde's Greatest toking moment[/ame]

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