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  1. Thanx for the help. I live in hawaii so the light here is pretty good. i went out today to try to find a flouro. all i needed was the bulb cuz i got the light thingy. The only problem is that its kind of a cheap light, and its only 15 watts. i've been having trouble trying to find any kind of flouro over 15watts that fits my light. but tomorrow im going to this light bulb place to try and find a 50 watt bulb. Its only one plant so that should be enough right? BTW whats the difference between a cool white and a reg. flouro light. well thanx for the help, if this baby grows up with a nice rack i'll smoke some bowls for all u guys who helped me.

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  2. hello again,
    15 watts is certianly not enough... and i doubt youll find a 50 to fit in a small fixture like that. but its worth a try, a fixture isnt that expensive anyway, i can get a new one with two 40 watt cw bulbs for around 25 bucks around here. but the dif between CW flouros and regs, is that the cool whites tend to give off a more blue light, which is what plants use while vegging (growing foliage, no flowers yet) while the regulars lack the truer spectrum thats needed for growing, even the special plant flouros dont compare to cool whites, so, if you are gonna grow flouro, go cool white. yes, 5 watts will be enough i suppose, it is not ideal in the least, but will make do, for flowering however you will want more watts...lots more..but dont sweat it till ya get there.

    also, dont expect a giant plant with 50 flouro watts, as the light produced from these are not very intense and lack the power to penetrate deep down to the lower leaves...

    and we all know how important penetration power is now dont we? ;-)~

    hope this has helped somewhat....

    Take care.
  3. thanx for the advice and information, it was really helpful, but i ran into a GIGANTIC PROBLEM! my plant has been on like a regular light (flood light) or something for the past three weeks. i started to notice that it wasn't getting much significant growth. my friend told me to get a flouro, it will work better. i went out and got it, and i put my plant under the light. got on grasscity and like two hours later when i checked on it, the leaves were all shriveled up and the stem leading to the small flowers was all limp. when i came home today i noticed that the top 1/4 of the plant stem is now limp, im not sure if it was too drastic of a change with light, and it went into shock or what, but i need to know if theres any way of saving my plant. i know i've lost the top because its all skinny and limp, but i was wondering if i can cut off the stem from the weak part, and still have it grow. or if i can cut it at the bottom of the stem and wait for it to regrow all over again. to me that sounds like a stupid question, im just in denial that my plant may be a goner. Or is it true? someone please help me quick, she may not have much more time.
  4. Hello,
    I need to know the info on your plant, is it in flowering now? are you refering to preflowers by "little flowers"? how old is the plant? how often do you water? did it happen right after you watered? i really dont think its the light that caused it... was there ANY signs of Anything out of the ordinary before switching lighting? im kind of baffled here... I cant find this problem anywhere...

    perhaps take look back at what you did right before it old is your plant also..

    Take care,
    ave atque vale
  5. im not exactly sure cuz i was stoned, but i believe i watered it before i put it under the light. its 3 weeks old and it was preflowering i guess, not sure, it was just starting to form the actual fan leaves. i don't have a regimented time i water it, i just do it when it seems that the soil is starting to dry a little. im baffled too, there werent' really any signs leading up to it, thats why i was so damn surprised when i checked on it only two hours later. it was quite odd, and i sure as hell can't figure it out. thanx for the help, and if you have any ideas, or have any advice, it would really help!peace out.

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  6. I am assuming the problem is still there? any signs of it diminishing or is it getting worse?, I think it may be damping off ("fungal disease caused by overwatering that results in wilting and stem rot at the base.") cut back on the water, you can tell that its time to water if the soil one inche below the surface feels dry, (just stick your finger in it and feel
    but i do not think there is anything you can do to cure damping off, but thats me, ive never heard of any cures, so if this is the case, sorry man.

    but ask somewhere else for a second opinion.

    take care.

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