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  1. Any of you fellow blades got big plans for turkey day? I don't really. Just going to chill with my family, good times. I can't wait to get my turkey munchies!!!
  2. I get to work a 12 hr shift on Thanksgiving.........Lucky me!!!!! Oh well, at least I get double time for it. But when I get off from work, I'm going to get high, drink white russians and maybe eat some turkey.........Probably not.......I'll just drink and spend time with my friends (after i visit my family). I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving........

    Oh yeah, this year I'm thankful for the pot god blessing me, for my friends and family always being there, and for my fellow blades at grasscity for listening to my problems and making me smile when I'm down!!!!!!!!

  3. You just summed it all up!!

  4. Thank you, thank you.........LOL. Seriously, I have found my soul mate and I'm happy as hell and i want everyone to know how much I love them at this very moment. Stoner hugs and kisses to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. but whats better then the dinner stoned, is after you eat, and sleep and smoke somemore, having a cold turkey sandwhich with mayo, and shit... yummy

  6. mmm... cold turkey sandwhiches are the shit!!!
  7. yeah, i like some kinda warm drink with it too, like some decient coffee and shit...
  8. Try some of Starbucks columbia ground coffee. It's the shit!!
  9. This may sound silly but what the hell is thanksgiving?? it something to do with the first settlers, and when is it??....Peace out...Sid
  10. I've got the munchies so bad and you guys are killing me. A cold turkey sandwich sounds so good but I think I'm going to make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich since I have no turkey.

    Oh yeah, Turkey Day....I'm spending it with family and friends. I'll be high all day and eating too much, I'm sure.
  11.'s the 4th Thursday in November and it commemorates the feast in Plymouth in 1621 by the Pilgrims and Indians. It's a legal holiday and a lot of people are off work and it kind of turns into a weekend deal for most. Oh, and there are always big sales the next day at all the stores and they call that Black Friday. Hmmmm.....I guess we are pretty weird over here in the US.

  12. Check out this link buddy, I think it will answer your questions.
  13. o.k. i got it...tnx for the link....they had quite a hard time didn't they??'s kinda weird to think that the states has come so far so quick...i mean 1609!!....William Wallace was running around Scotland and causing havok to the English in the 13 century ...i mean for America to modernise beyond everyone in less than 400 years is quite astonishing!!....Well at least i have solitude in the fact that Scotland invented most things are still in use today.....i.e.....The telephone...the t.v.....Penicillin......steam tyres....hell i forget the rest, but not too bad considering the size of us....but the u.s.a. has come a long way!!.....Peace out...Sid
  14. but to sum the whole holiday...
    just a reason for everyone to gather at someones house, and grub out on all the muchie shit. I mean, the settlers had to be stoners, look at what the meal is, such stoner food...and look at there hats...STONERS ROCK

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