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  1. cough cough. I'm wondering what strain to use next year this one was perfect for our climate but is of an unnamed variety because the seeds were donated. Some of the yield shown was of a variety that was more favored to a warmer climate and never bloomed to fruition.

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  2. how much weight did you get out of it? looks like you will be set for a while.
  3. yield was just over 2 pounds...........yes enough to keep me choked up till next'm open to suggestions about seeds for next year. Best ones will flower about mid August and mature by the end of September.If l win the lottery I will build me a greenhouse or 2 and try some more exotic strains. I was asked where I grow and have attached a pic of the area taken 1st week of November and we had a few hard frosts in October, so I would say flowering must be over by September. Wishing all a Happy Holiday season and thanks for all the help and guidance received, it was truely appreciated.
    As for reforming laws and the like, just treat me the same as a moonshiner and not some terrorist threat to our western way of life. Peace.

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