Thanksgiving is at my house...

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  1. I live with my mom and yearly we have thanksgiving... I live in a two story house and the smell of the grow has fucked up the upstairs, which isn't a big deal to my mother, but there's a faint smell of it leaking towards the first floor...

    My main question: How can I eliminate the smell only for thanksgiving?
    without running around every 10 mins spraying febreze everywhere..

    additional information:
    my mothers option was we just put one of those child gates ( i have 3 dogs; it's so they don't shit all over our carpet) at the bottom of the stairs, but i'm more concerned about the faint smell downstairs. I have a medical card so it's not REALLY a big issue, but I just got out of the military and it would be kinda odd if my family's opinion is I came back just to grow weed cause i don't wanna have to tell the whole story you know?
  2. some kind of cinnamon spice candles they stink up everything...once they're in the house for a while they'll be used to the air anyways so it's mostly that initial smell when they walk the food should smell pretty good
  3. If your mom is cooking then I'm pretty sure the smell of food would cover up your grow unless you have a huge grow op that completely reeks. If not, just burn some candles or invest in some of those plugin smell shits.
  4. Go to the grow room, your room I suppose. Seal it up, seal up all the doors and coffee beans? If your family walks in and they smell something weird they obviously wont know what it is cause I suppose none of them have smoked up before. If you have to explain why you need it just tell them a little bit or just a brief overview and just say you dont wanna talk about it. Damn man three dogs, your grow, possible cooking, good luck Blade. Oh btw much respect to you ieat much respect military man. Btw have you ever smoked up with any of your dogs, any of your dogs gotten into the weed before?
  5. Simmer a pan with water and cinnamon stix. It will smell like the holidays and cover the smell
  6. I love how your mom is cool with the grow. At a store called trader joes they sell something called a cinnamon broom, it reeks. Or you could get some activated carbon or ONA, keep negative pressure where your growing, and cook a LOT of food.

  7. I like your sealing up the room idea, that with combination of a thanksgiving aroma should be enough. I do have a bit of control over my household, only because my mom is always at work and my sister, well god only knows what trouble shes getting into haha, everything should go smoothly. It only sucks because i got medically discharged early :\. and only one of them, he seems like he loves the smell because if i smoke in my room (only a few bowls) he never refuses to join me and always rolls around on my bed when im smoking haha.
  8. Candles and all that will work just fine for a day if you are strategic about placement.

    In the end it may just be best to tell them. If you have medical certification why not just be honest with them if they ask? In the end you deserve that don't you? If it will cause trouble I understand completely but in the long run it helps everyone for those of us with medical standing to be upfront about it and talk with those that do not know or understand. Educate them that we are not evil and reasonable people can do reasonable things. We don't all live the same I know that but I have never met a MJ smoker that as a general rule told others how they should live, sad that so many that do not feel the need to try and make you conform to their morality.
  9. The smell of Thanksgiving cooking should aid you a bit.
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    yeah i got lucky, she won't try it though only cause for every little injury at work she gets drug tested so i get her. I'm waiting for her to retire :D...Just told my mom about the cinnamon broom she said were going with that and sealing my room off cause there's trader joes down my street so i might pop in there then and grab it.. and that's a good one about the negative pressure, maybe i can get a fan to blow out my window

  11. if it does come down to me telling them, i'll show em my card and everything... it's just a bit weird cause the last they heard of me i was in boot camp -___- and the way it *looks* is like i came back just to grow weed when it's not that at all you know? but maybe they'll understand if i show them my rec and the progress i made with the plants cause i've really learned a lot..
  12. I think the food.smell should cover you dude but if not get one of those oil warming things those cover up smell great in my room.
  13. Completely disregard the idea of candles in a grow room please, your whole house shouldn't be at risk for a few bowls of loud, thats a dumb idea.

  14. few bowls of loud? never heard that one before... and I wasn't too keen on putting candles near my grow xD
  15. Loud is like dank, or fire, or exotic, high grade, skunk, sticky icky shit, you get the point.

  16. well i don't use candles to light my bowls haha unless i'm missing something.. yeah my mothers only condition was not to burn down the house so candles are not a good idea..
  17. You have a grow journal? This sounds terrible but I would love to see what is at risk.
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  19. Get ona gel put it near the leak it's legit

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