Thanksgiving - I don't hate it, but not my favorite holiday

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  1. Every year it's the same. The "Holiday" season starts off with a "bang" with Halloween only to be brought down big time for Thanksgiving a month later. While I love the fact that we all get a 4 day weekend, and that the holiday should revolve around family, every year I grow more and more bitter about the actual thing we're celebrating and why.

    I feel that we honestly should take a few moments from time-to-time to reflect on the past and give thanks to whatever spiritual power you believe in for the blessings that you've been given in life. That's my favorite part of the holiday, that and being with Family and accepting all those who wish to spend the day with us.

    But the actual HOLIDAY itself, the celebrating of the Pilgrims and the Natives eating that first big meal together in the 17th Century, that's a bunch of bullshit as far as I'm concerned. We should all be aware of what our white ancestors did to the native peoples of North America, and we shouldn't be proud of stealing their land and committing genocide. And how do we celebrate this? By stuffing ourselves in true American gluttonous fashion.

    Don't get me started on the Turkey. Poor things, sure they're a tasty poultry (from what I remember, haven't eaten one in two decades), but I really think that they might have died out by now if we hadn't decided to use them as a once a year excuse to pig out. 'Cause let's face it, they aren't that bright and can't really fly well.

    I'm nowhere near a militant vegetarian, I almost never denigrate anyone else for their food choices, and I certainly don't sit at a Thanksgiving meal and disrespect my hosts by spouting out PETA slogans. So why then is it OK for others to denigrate MY choice of a Tofurkey Loaf instead of a Turkey. I freaking love the things. This year I'm baking my Tofurkey in the Turkey Bag that I've been using as my Volcano Bag since LAST YEAR! And I'll be coating it with my glycerin tincture (See link in sig - see what I did there?) I bet it'll be tasty and make me just as sleepy as the real thing.

    Every year it's the same thing, some smart aleck will say "Yuck Tofurkey, why don't you just eat the real thing" or something similar. And thus the never-ending frustration continues.

    I'm not bagging on your traditions here, I love the fact that family gets together and breaks bread. I love the Football on Thanksgiving, I enjoy the Macy's Parade I guess. But I don't want to forget the hypocritical nature of the "holiday" either.

    This time tomorrow I'll be getting ready for my Tofurkey gluttony, watching sports and enjoying my wife being home from work. SO for that, I'm thankful.

    I guess in the end, I'm just frustrated.

  2. I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. I love the time off, spending time with my family, and cooking (and of course eating) lots of food. I love the stress of cooking a huge meal and having everything come out perfect and on time. And, I'm not going to lie, I love it when everyone tells me how kick ass the meal was.

    To be honest, the whole pilgrims and indians thing hasn't played a part in my Thanksgiving since like, first grade.

    I hope you enjoy your Tofurkey and have a great holiday!! Cook and eat what you want, and enjoy it. If someone gives you shit about it, then give them a helping portion of vegetarian guilt in return!

  3. To me, the Pilgrims are to Thanksgiving what Jesus is to Christmas - nothing. I couldn't care less about either one. I love holidays for what they are to me and my family, not what they're "supposed" to be. Food, family, friends, parties, and memories. That's good enough for me.
  4. I want to try tofurkey. I get tofu in my stir fry every day and like it. I'm not a fan of turkey myself (because my mom can't cook it well) but I would be curious to try tofurkey. Send some my way? :)
  5. This year I'm baking my Tofurkey in the Turkey Bag that I've been using as my Volcano Bag since LAST YEAR! And I'll be coating it with my glycerin tincture (See link in sig - see what I did there?) I bet it'll be tasty and make me just as sleepy as the real thing.

    ^^ That sounds real tasty, just don't get generous and invite a homeless person in without warning them. :D

    happy Thanksgiving to all. :smoke:
  6. I lol'd.
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    youre an idiot

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  8. Thanksgiving is, by and large, my favorite Holiday.

    It's about the only day that we recognize towards the end of the year in this country that hasn't been completely materialized and swallowed whole by the concept of 'things.' It's about friends, family, sharing amongst one another, and welcoming others into your home to break bread with them.

    This world needs more days like that, in my honest opinion.
  9. its a bad holiday celebrated for wrong reasons.

    we celebrate by eating a lot of food, we do that everyday.

    and its the day where we are supposed to be thankful for the things we have, but if your a good person you should be thankful everyday.

    natives didnt eat turkey a lot, they thought killing such an animal was thought to indicate laziness.

    did you know a turkey was the first intended national bird?
    Wild Turkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Every year I seriously want to cut the BS and go from October to January.
  11. Same. Every year I just feel like crawling in a hole until the holidays are over. Mostly, it's because I'm likely the worst gift buyer ever, I can never decide what to get people. That, and all the people you would rather not see, family drama, too many plans, etc.. blehh..

    But, for some reason or another(drunk planning) I decided to invite a girl and some friends to a thanksgiving feast that I, myself, have to prepare. Holy fuck, I didn't realize how much goes into making all this shit. I'll be busy from like 9:00am till dinner at 6 making all this crap that cost me over $150. I hope I can pull this all off, I'm not a particularly good cook.

    I always make outrageous plans when I'm drunk. "Yeah, we should all take a trip to the bahamas"
    "Yeah, let's rent jet skis Wednesday , I'll just take work off.."
    "Hey, you should all come by for thanksgiving, I'll make the whole nine, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, corn, gravy, champagne, pie, drinks..":cry:

  12. Not really my style though, I believe in live and let live you know. If they want to shred years off their life expectancy that's their problem!

    Dude, there won't be any left. I eat the entire thing by mid-day on Friday. I love the stuff, I'm not kidding.

    What's funny is that I told my Mom my plans and she said "Just make sure no one eats it without knowing." First of all, we're having a VERY small Thanksgiving, my My mom & step-dad, my wife and daughter, and MAYBE my cousin and her son (whos' also got his MMJ card). NONE of them even like my regular Tofurkey, so you really think they're gonna want it medicated? Well, maybe my cousin. I just laughed.
  13. I have always wanted to try a Tofurkey, WildWill!

    My lady is vegetarian, so I'm excited to make one for her and finally give it a shot. If she takes any flack for the vegetarianism at a family party, I'll just hang up my Turkey-eating Thanksgivings and indulge in the Tofurkey with her from then on. They sound pretty tasty.

  14. I like Thanksgiving, personally...

    I don't care much about the origins of it, though. It's all about the Turkey Day for me. Just a day where you get together with your family and eat lots of awesome food.

    Hell, families don't always get along perfectly. I'll be eating dinner with my husband's fathers side of the family. We aren't all going to agree with everything another says, we aren't going to all become bestest friends or anything. But we'll have polite conversation, good food, and it will be a nice day. :D

    As far as people insulting or mocking your choice or tofurkey over turkey, I'd say just don't even pay it any mind. :confused_2:
    I'm sure no one means any harm by it. I would just smile, give a polite chuckle, and go happily eat my tofurkey! :p

  15. WW , Wild turkeys actually are very resilient,with populations exploding and expanding across the U.S. . I've seen flocks of well over 100. Wild turkeys are very cagy and really fly well for such a large bird, roosting high in the treetops.Domesticated turkeys however, are as you described,stupid actually.Farm raised turkeys have to be put under cover during rain or they will DROWN while staring up at the rain trying to figure out wtf is happening:eek:

    Enjoy your Tofurkey, sounds good, I don't discriminate, I'm on a seafood diet. See food, eat it,lol:smoke:

    Happy Thanksgiving ALL:smoke:

  16. Huh... I think I've known a few people like that in my day. :laughing:
  17. I enjoy the time I get to hang out with my family again, since I've been away at college for so long.

    Even though we do get a 'week off,' I still have a ton of shit to do. But it's really not been so oppressive as to interfere with the festive spirit. It's even better now that I'm 21 and can share a few drinks w/ my mother while chatting outside by the fire.

    And it is a bit of a hypocritical holiday, but if you take it for whatever it means to you, and you make it something special, then there's nothing to keep you from having a good time--which is all that matters.

  18. Dude, holidays get so much better once you turn 21. :laughing:

    Every time we visit my aunts house now I actually get to have some wine or maybe some hot buttered rum... That shit always sounded so amazingly good to me when I was a kid, but I never got to have it until 2 years ago. :p

    My husband's dad doesn't drink... but man I hope there's at least a bottle of wine there. :laughing:

  19. This made me laugh so much because i always do the exact same thing hahaha!
    When I'm drunk or even just "in the moment", i always come up with all these ideas that are good for everyone else, but unpleasantly annoying for me later bahaha.

  20. LOL, I wasn't welcome at my EX's folks.............I enjoyed Thanksgiving ALOT more because of that:D;)

    BRING something, no use "working without a net" LOL:smoke:

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