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  1. Thanks to whoever got the avatars working again and thanks to budburner for letting me know I could change mine now.
    As they say in my home town, this bud's for you!:smoke:
  2. Also thanks for getting grasscity back up! I sat down half-baked with a phat bowl & couldn't get in, I freaked momentarily, toked & ended up watching Sopranos episodes for the next 3 hours (mmm).

    You guys are the best :D
  3. I'm always eager to help our any of our members if I can.

    **Brownie points earned: 3** :D j/k

    Kees is the one who generally works on the major shit that happens 'round here. He's the brains of the operation as far as I know. (Of course, superjoint is the main man, but hey.. one can only do so much!)

    I also freaked when I wasn't allowed to log in last night. I thought it was only me who couldn't log in though. :eek:

    Thank goodness it's fixed!

    "Hey, goodness! THANKS!"
  4. THANKS ADMIN.!!! Like ganjaphish, I sat down ready to surf & Blaze and couldn't login!!! Thought maybe ya'll had kicked me out!! Got a promt explanation though that chilled me out & let me enjoy my buzz!! Thanks again ya'll!
  5. lol it was telling me i had the wrong password, and for awhile i was like wait.. am i TYPING THIS WRONG???
    did i CHANGE my password when i was stoned and forgot about it???
    OR... did i FORGET my ORIGINAL password????
    what's going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    damn did i spell it wrong again?? rrrr... too stoned to do this!

    oh wait, there's a post from superjoint about login problems!
    *phew* i'm NOT going insane!!!

    hey, YET anyways! :p
  6. LMAO!!! me too, me too!! Soooooo glad I wasn't the only one. I even went so far as to go to another board and ask some friends there to help me!!! ganjaphish....Does this qualify me for "superdork" status?HaHa!!
  7. I probably retyped it about 4 times before I was certain I was spelling it right!

    Then I went through the process of having a new one sent to me about 3 times. That wasn't working either.

    It really is good to know I wasn't the only freak who thought I was going out of my mind. :D

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