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  1. Hey all, i recently made my first quality batch of QWISO oil, thanks to the information I've gathered on this forum right here :) Thanks to all the isoheads and everyone else who has posted regarding QWISO hash/oil.

    Years ago I made QWISO, but soaked way too long and usually ended up with a dark dark brown goo. Fairly potent, but still not worth it IMO.

    I bought 99% iso and froze it for an hour (as well as 2 grams of good shake and
    4.5 grams of good quality hand broken nugs in a mason jar) I then poured enough iso to cover the product and let it soak without agitation for 10 seconds, then gently swished for 30 seconds and poured into another jar through a fairly fine mesh strainer, mostly just to get large plant particles out. Then placed a brown natural coffee filter in the mesh strainer and poured the iso solution through into the pyrex plate. Let sit by a fan for 24 hrs, scraped up with a fresh razor blade and achieved golden yellow-amber oil, about .7grams of it. With a second wash (same procedure except a 30 second soak period and 30 seconds of VIGOUROUS shaking) yeilding approximately the same weight but slightly darker and a bit more opaque. I mixed in some fine micron sieved kief with the first run oil to make a 'gel' consistency and oh my.. :hippie:

    All in all a 21% yield... not too shabby :) The bud was brimming with kief so I guess I can't be too surprised :D

    Wish I could provide pictures but I recently smashed my phone... waiting on a replacement lol hopefully I can contribute to the IsoHead Thread soon, and if you haven't already been there you oughta be :bongin:

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