Thanks GC!

Discussion in 'General' started by Alexyonfire!, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. so we all have something to thank GC for, let mee start.

    Thanks GC, for giving me chill ppl to talk to when i cant sleep.
  2. Amen to that..

    speaking of which, it's currently 2:40 am :(

    well, how was your day?
    did anything exciting happen?

  3. Thanks GC for being a cool site and not too uptight like other communities. :smoking:
  4. Thanks GC for always having an answer when I have a question!! You guys are great and I can't wait until I start growing because I know you guys will be right there coaching me on!!
  5. Thank you for also having that hand full of idiots that put things into perspective.

    "Man my day sucked. Oh, look at this asshole, life could always get worse. I could be this fucking stupid."

    Or, on the pro side... there is always SOMETHING to talk about on here. Unlike awkward social situations where you have nothing in common with the people around you. When you come here, you know you're around people who at least have smoking in common with you, so you can always talk about that.
  6. Thank you GC, for always being around to talk some chill homies.
  7. Thanks for the humongous variety of marijuana I would have never gazed upon if it wasn't for you. Also, thank you for the cleavage thread.
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    Thank you for giving me a forum to pass on knowledge and help people in. I'm a firm believer in educating people, and I find there are a lot here who need it.

    .... some more than others of course. :rolleyes:


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