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  1. I was at work the other day and it was nice and slow so I didn't have much to do. A co-worker was clearing tables so I decided to go out and have a little chat with her. When she had fininshed clearing a table she came over to talk to me. First thing she says "See that smoke pack over on that table? It's got durgs in it." I was hardly able to contain my exctiment practly jogging over to the table I said "you better not be lying to me." sure as shit she wasn't when I opend the pack there were three of the fattest free joints I have ever gotten in my life. I knew who had been sitting at the table because I had given them their food and since I didnt see them around (not that I was going t give it back anyways)so I stuck them in my short and told my co-worker "if someone comes back asking if we have found their smokes to tell them to come talk to me." As it turns out they never come back and I desided to split the tip with the only other pothead at my work the cook. So after work we went on a toure and smoked the extra joint and then we each took on to smoke with our friends. It was the happiest day of work of my life. After I found the joints I was bairly able to contain my enthusiam. I was ringing this old man in after I put them in my shorts (didnt have my purse)and as I was ringing him in I thought about the tip I had just received and started smiling and laughing to myself. And when I looked up he had the most confused/worried/scared look on his face it was great. I wll remember that for the rest of my life. The best tip anyone could ever give. Thankyou.
  2. heh, awesome. I have a similar story to share coincedentally. I deliver newspapers every morning for about an hour and a half (shitty job, I know, but it gets me enough extra money to buy weed). Anyway, one morning I get to this house that I absolutely despise because they have this horribly long driveway that they never shovel during the winter. Well, I get to their back door (where they have this mail box that they want the paper in) and taped to the side of it is this envelope that says 'paper carrier'. "alright! someone left me a tip!" Well, I open it and find a decent sized joint and a fiver. best tip ever. Those people get their paper nicely folded in a bag every day now.
  3. Heh, I used to work at a convience store one time I was working and I had my back ot the counter. I turned back to help some customers and some guy asks his wife "Whats that" And his wife goes "its a joint" jokingly, and I look down and I see something on the counter that may or may not be a joint. So I play it cool and ring in the customers, then I grab the joint and take a lil sniff. Sure enough someone left a joint, either by accident or as a tip. Smoked it the next day got high and went to see Lord of the Rings in theatres. it was alright.
  4. Working as a cook was great for free joints, often the waitress would come in and ask for free food... then we'd banter back and forth and the end result was always that she got her free food and I got a nice fat joint. Good times *thinks back to care-free youth*
  5. In three years I haven't ever gotten free weed from people (this doesn't count when I have a session and someone else provides).... but man... a total stranger giving me free bud *dreams* :D

    I know someone at school who gets free weed all the time for some reason... but she's a mean little bitch so she can keep it :p
  6. Thanks for the stories guys. They are great.

    I got a little more to tell you though. Not to long after I posted thanks for the tip I was telling my mom about what I had found when she said "why dont you tell your father that one I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it too." So the next morning while we were sitting around the kitchen table I started telling him the story. It was kind of weird to talk to him about me finding and smoking drugs because while he does it too, we are to do it sepreatly and not speak to each other about it.(He likes to pretend like nither of us smoke.) Any ways I got done telling the story and he really didn't look all that impressed he was smiling but whan I finished he looked like I had let him down or somthing. Later that day my mom and I were talking and we got on the subject and I said that I didn't think dad really cared all that much she said that they had talked about it earilier and she had asked him if it bother him that I had told him that story. Get this! He said that he didn't mind the story one bit he was just hoping that I was going to pull one of the joins out and say "wana go smoke it." For me that is so killer I have always wanted to smoke a big fatty with my dad ever since I started smoking.

    I'll let you all know how that goes.
  7. If you were excited finding three joints imagine how excting it would be to stumbling upon approximately 50 plants of the best weed you've ever seen. Not that I've ever been in that situation. ;)

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