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Thanks for the pot, man

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 12inchbong, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. Got of work early today at 9:00, and my friend calls me up and asks if I wanna smoke. So I go out and smoke with him and another friend, then meet up with some kid trippin on 3 hits of acid to give him some pot. He brought this tiny "home-made" bowl that he had, packed it, then handed me his pot and said "hold this". So I held on to it and just let it sit there, and didn't say anything to him, and he didn't say anything to me, and then he left. So now I'm left with a bowl and a half of some good mids that I didn't have to pay for. And I've been dry for a few days and haven't been wanting to buy more pot, so I lucked out. And I'm still pretty baked from the bowl we smoked.......

    Oh ya, and I might be getting 2 hits of acid from that kid afte rI trade him 10mg of 5-MeO-DMT or some 2c-i.
  2. That sounds pretty good to me. I would just be worrying if when you see him again, he wants his weed. It's cool that you have it and all, but I would hate to be him.
  3. not yours. ask or save it.
  4. ya give the guy a break, he wAs tripping on acid
  5. it does feel good to gert free pot. n u didnt punch him or nething for it it was only a bowl so no harm done. enjoy that bowl

    (im sure he wont be pissed about it ..probaly wont even remember it.)

    happy toking!

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