Thanks for the new forum tab!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by gonemadwithmary, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. i think the new "Apprentice Tokers" is fuckin great! :hello: itll keep a LOT of shit we dont need in Recreational outta there, but there will still be a place for people to ask questions!

    so lets keep GC clean, guys! ill smoke to that.. :smoke: everyone on here (new and old), follow the rules and post your shit where its appropriate!

    thanks again, admins! :gc_rocks:
  2. Nice.

    This should be good, I might venture into Recreational more often/
  3. And again I was oblivious...

    I wonder what they'll do for April Fools... I probably won't notice it.

  4. Hopefully, it will help Rec Use and also be a good place for people who need information. :) (I have a lot more thread moving to go, though.)
  5. Wow, a lot of new changes since I've been on here last. I gotta start coming around here more often...too bad everyone was right about what happens during the summer...

  6. You should see what happens during the fog season...

    *creepy music plays*

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