Thanks Critter!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 28, 2003.

  1. Today I was rollin thru my hood down the road from where i reside, and i saw this dude chillin' by tha side of the road. I rolled up and he got in and we started rollin' across town. Halfway back to my block he's like, "Hi, i'm Critter, you toke up?"

    So we rolled back up to my crib and he came in and busted out some good regs and we seshed up and hung out n shit for a while bullshittin baut all kinds o shit. I pulled out all my crazy mad sciaentist homemade smokeware and we blazed up.

    After a while he had to bail but he left me a nice lil pile of cleaned bud on my tray. Hell yeah!

    Thanks Critter, yer one cool mo'fo maaaaan!

  2. what the holy fuck!?....I smoked with a crazy hippy named critter today at the park! this the time of year when they come out of hybernation or what??
  3. Damn critter how many people are you?

    haha that's some funny shit maan! Digit must have taught critter how to clone himself.

    Thanks to critter i'm high rigt now.


  4. LMAO hahahahaha!!!
  5. That's really funny :D

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