Thank you walmart!!!

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  1. just came up fat! went to walmart with my gf for some groceries and came up on a seagate 500gig HD for 55 dollars:hello:
  2. It's like taking candy from a baby, but with no moral issues

  3. ...actually kindve a high price. I've seen 2tb for $90 on newegg. 1tb for $60. Hard drives are getting insanely cheap
  4. Does yours need a power source or is it just USB? I got a 500gb seagate at BestBuy for $70 a couple months ago and about halfway filled up already
  5. Yea soon enough SSDs will take over, cant wait.
  6. SSDs are already taking over!

    I'm running two SSDs on my computer. takes just as long for windows to load as it takes my bios to load.

    takes civ 5 longer to load on my computer than windows takes to load. that's weird... i have civ 5 on my faster SSD...

    my computer shuts down and starts up faster than my buddies computer shuts down.
  7. Once SSD becomes a wider niche, it will be fantastic to buy 1 TB Solid States for storage, not just booting, for the same price that we're buying them now as disk drives.

    Every time I have to walk my external drives to another area of the house, I'm panicked that something inside of them is going to stop functioning and make all of my information completely inaccessible. Having had this happen in the past, I've become such a Nazi with back-ups that I have all of my old photographs saved to three different systems and two hard drives.

  8. Solid states can really get that fast these days? I'd really like to see a video of your boot time on your pc:D

    Yeah, when I got this I bagan moving my photos from a 200 gig to the 500 gig through lightroom, and I kept getting error messages, then when I went into the 200 it was sayin *error file cannot be found (blood pressure and heart rate on the rise at this point) lets try another, same thing, another? same thing. FUUUUUCK! all my pictures gone! NOOOOO!

    turns out the cord wasnt sitting flush with my computer or something not to mention the 200g was hitting almost 100deg.! there weren't any kind of ventilation is was an enclosed black metal thing that stored heat lol
  9. Yeah, it's the most frustrating experience anyone can expect to go through.

    One of my externals took a fairly minor drop from standing upright to horizontal and it was completely dysfunctional after that. I've started taping them down to my desk.

  10. LOl my photo teacher is like 50 so you can imagine how many photos he's got... he has a 3X back up protection, one of which is an off site storage location just for his photos lol.
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    not my video, but something worth checking out.

    [ame=]YouTube - NCIX Tech Tips Preview - SSD vs Hard Drive Performance - Teaser #2 Linus Tech Tips[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - NCIX Tech Tips Preview - SSD vs Hard Drive Performance - Teaser #1 Linus Tech Tips[/ame]
  12. :eek:

    WOW! I thnk I'd like to wait till the technology gets better...that 60 gig ssd looked almost the same size as the wd 1tb

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