Thank you Mods for cleaning up the questions!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by FirstTimer4, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I don't get it, do these noobs not read the guidelines? I mean I'm a fucking noob on this site and I know not to ask questions in the Seasoned Tokers section.

    Thanks mods, I hope people start figuring shit out. I understand that some people might want to get an "experienced smokers" answer but they just don't get that any and all questions go in Apprentice Tokers... sigh.

    Just wanted to say thanks, feel free to close this thread. :D
  2. Dude, most people don't read that stuff. It's like when you buy a new electronic gadget, the majority of people just jump in and start playing around with it. Jus sayin...
  3. The descriptions of each category explain it well enough for me to understand. This section is better kept clean from a few hundred threads a day. It doesn't bother me enough to make another thread saying that I hate new threads. Just try ignoring it. There are some pretty established threads in this category already
  4. All the" am i gonna pass this drug test" questions are the funniest
  5. I'm glad to see someone else thinks the Mods are doing a decent job.

    It's also good to see that the Mods are earning the BIG BUCKS that they are getting paid to do their job.

  6. There's a huge difference between reading an entire users manual for electronics and reading a short post that outlines the rules of the forum you're about to post on.

    I suppose one of the main differences being that not reading a users manual generally won't get you banned from using the device.
    While people who choose not to read the rules here may end up banned for failing to follow them.

    It really doesn't take any more than a couple minutes to read the Forum Guidelines and know what you can and can't post. Yet people still get pissed off when their thread gets deleted or they get banned for breaking the rules.

    No shit. If you had taken 2 minutes out of your day to read the rules before you posted, you wouldn't be in this position. :cool:

    Same applies to forum descriptions, which take maybe 10 seconds to read at most.
  7. Hey firsttimer4, youve got some brown on your nose...:rolleyes:

    In all seriousness though, youre absolutely right. I think gc has some of the best mods on the internet fo sho

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