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  1. Morning blades!

    I just wanted to put up a quick post, saying thank you to someone who has helped me and I think most of us!
    Good Ol' Lumperdawg!
    This guy has spread a wealth of knowledge throughout the organic boards. His name is littered throughout the forums. Anytime I see a post from him I usually find myself reading through the entire thread.
    I haven't always been an organic grower, and when you are first starting out with it, it can be a little intimidating especially if you are coming from a hydro background. Getting over the mindset of using "bottles gook" as all the organic guys call it, is more difficult than most would think.

    I have gotten the majority of my organic education from the guys around here, but I knew I could always count on quality info from a couple guys, LD, Chunk and Jerry

    I'm usually more of a lurker on the boards than a poster (search is my best friend) 98% of the time I can find an answer to my questions just by searching, I mean, I can't be the first one to deal with whatever it is right?

    Anyone know if Lumper is still around here?

    Anyway, love y'all thanks for all your help over the years! It is all VERY much appreciated!
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    since his LD account he has left and returned a few times with new accounts and names. clackamas coot, and Agnes Dawgs are two i know of, might be others. he is currently not around, or at least has not been posting for a few good months (maybe a year?). i think his last times posting was in the no-till revisited thread as Agnes Dawgs.

    i think he is more active on Instagram

    edit: he also posted a lot in the old no-till thread as Clackamas coot, but since he deleted that account all his posts are under the name Guest "over dere"

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  3. Definitely some great people here always willing to help fellow gardeners. I know I'm happy with making the switch from gook to poop lol
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  4. I didn't know he was also clackamas! I always found his posts very informative as well, shoulda known!
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  5. I think I am producing the best results I've ever had thanks to everyone's help around here.
    I am seriously loving organic growing, for so many reasons.
    I feel better about the end product, better taste, aromas,terpene profile, etc.
    Much less money spent at Hydroponic stores, more free time, the wifey loves the fact that we can actually go away on vacations every now and then without me freaking out the whole time!

    And the garden is just simply happier!

    Thanks to anyone who has ever contributed knowledge here, I may have never posted in your thread before, but believe that I greatly appreciated and utilized everyone's input.
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  6. Just as an FYI,

    CC, LD, AD and several other of his nom de' pleumes is still alive and well but has retired from posting on forums and social media.

    I speak to him from time to time and he is still in the game as far as researching and applying his research to new methods.

    His latest work is with using saponins for plant health and IPM.


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  7. its good to hear he is doing well, send him regards from us here :)
    its a shame he doesn't post anymore, he was a trove of information, and im sure im not the only one who would be thrilled to hear about his research.
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  8. Did you ever delve into the info I posted in the Organics Lounge ?
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  9. yes i saw that but i only read the main abstract part. i didnt go to the links to the other articles inside. but it seems saponins have several ways to fight pests.
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    Using the soap nut "tea" as a drench has been effecting the "praying hands" leaf posturing much like the SST's and top dressed MBP/F.

    As an adjunct to a neem oil spray, there's yet another layer of mite control.

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  11. nice! and i just happen to have a bag of soap nuts!
    so something like 1-2 shells in a gallon of water for a day?
  12. I got this in an email from him yesterday:

    "I figured out how to use soapnuts to emulsify neem so now we can say goodbye to liquid silica products.

    I put 1/4 cup soapnuts ground up into a jar with about 24 ounces of hot water. Soaked overnight.

    In another jar, I added 1 cup water with neem oil.

    Then I poured in fresh soap nut concentrate, probably 1/4 cup worth into the jar and shook. Instant emulsification however would come loose after a few minutes."

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  13. thanks chunk you rock! im gonna try this next neem foliar! :D
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  14. Anyone have a good source for the soap nut shells?
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  15. This is exactly what I am talking about! LD isnt even here and were all benefitting from his knowledge. And I'm not forgetting you Chunk! I appreciate all you do!
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  16. Awesome i havent tried the saponins yet have been using neem foliar tho and have the crab meal incorporated to kill off the aphids and bad nematodes. Does anyone know how often I should add crab meal to my older soil grows? I was thinking about taking all the old bags empty them into a large tote and re-amending it with all the goods and recooking it. Any thoughts?
  17. You ever try no-till? I am currently reading through that sticky now. It wouldn't work for my setup but I do really like the idea. It would also answer your Re-ammending question.
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  18. That's my next step is learning more about no till indoors.
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  19. Well Lump has alot of posts in the No-till revisited thread, under the username Agnesdawg.
    Alot of great info over there, too much to take in at one time! I see myself going that route before too long but for right now I am working on dialing in my current method. Been doing alot lately with AACT's and I love em, not as much as the ladies in the garden though, they are taking OFF!
    One thing I would like to start is my own Vermi-composting, the only EWC's I currently have access to is "Wiggle Worm" brand. Not the best but not the worst either, I would love to be able to pull fresh castings from the bin! Plus knowing that they were eating/processing something with substance besides just cardboard and paper like most commercial worm farms would bring some peace of mind..

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