Thank you kees and onno

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. The site was down for two hours today, we had a corrupt file system or something like that, anyway, without Kees_67 and Onno you would have had no forums today, praise them :)

  2. I was freaking out, to say the least. I thought to myself...the guys are gonna shit bricks if they can't post!!

    Thanks Spidey for running such a cool board, and being available to us at a moments notice. Belive me two hours is a blink of the eye, compared to waiting almost a week at SOME places.

    Kees and Onno you are my lifesaver too. I am passing all three of you guys a magic joint. You get three wishes don't waste them. HA HA. Peace, Nate.
  3. Thanks Ya'll!!! without ya I guess I'd have to do what I'm suppose to be doing while at work!!!
  4. **Bowing in grateful envy** :D

    Thanks, u2.

    Who's Onno? Never heard of him/her.

    Is the identity of the mysterious member number one revealed?


    I was freaking when the board was down. How do things become corrupt?

    Sounds fishy!
  5. Thanks fellow stoners for keeping us alive!

    Great job to SJ as well!
  6. Thanks so much for workin hard to keep our lil community up and running :)
  7. yeah guys, couldnt read this post w/ out thankin you. that kinda crap pisses me off though, when people read the message and arent thankful enough to thank or even say anythin. anmyways, im definately happy, this is my fav forum on the net!
  8. Thankyou for all of your hard work. Obviously form all the responces, it was greatly appreciated
  9. Yeah, thanks guys!!!! It is so awesome that there really are nice people out there. Even though there are plenty of jerks, etc. out there, from what I can tell I am in the company of some outstanding individuals! I am honored!

  10. 'Tis the reason I moved in!

    You know the City will be there when you arrive!

    Kudo's to all the brilliant peeps who keep the infrastructure going!

    Makes me proud to be a Blade!

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