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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NiFty, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Hi Guys!

    Maybe you remember me from the thread a few weeks back called "Newbie grower with height problem!? Well, I took your advice- I repotted and continued flowering.

    I wanted to say Thank you (to Secneet too but he seems to have disappeared...!) and post a couple of update piccies.

    I pulled 6 males leaving 2 females (not wonderful, but hey, these plants have been through hell and back with my limited expertise!). They are 22" high and have been on 12/12 for 21 days. What do you think??

    I hope to get half an oz off each girl, do you reckon I might?

    Thank you guys!

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  2. And here is a close-up of the top of one of them (about 6"). I think they are Northern Lights. (The bag of seed they came from contained a mixture of NL, Blueberry and Jack Herer seeds.)

    Once again, Thank you all who helped!

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  3. ....and here's a pic of the other one. By the way, I run a 430W Son T Agro HPS about 18" above the plants, fan on them constantly and occasional feeding with 15 30 15 Miracle Grow. They Germed about 9 Weeks ago. 6 Week Veg, 3 Weeks flowering so far... :)))

    I'm really pleased. Thanks Guys!

    What do you think??

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  4. They look VERY VERY nice for 21 days in after 6 weeks veg!

    Looks like a nice kola there! It's going to be phat when she's pulled!

    Lovely grow.
  5. Thanks Sureshot!

    I must admit, they seem to be very determined ladies! So far in their short lifetime they have pulled themselves through poor lighting, zinc defficiency, nitrogen defficiency, rootbinding (left in tiny pots for FAR too long!), underwatering and heat burn (due to putting me putting my HPS too close when I first got it!). And yet they still seem to be going for it!
    They showed pre-flowers 3 days into 12/12. After 5 days, I was totally certain which were the boys and which were the girls. I couldn't have wished for a better pair!

    I have learned a heck of a lot in the last couple of months to say the least. Hopefully I will make less mistakes on my next grow (AK47)! I have already got the seedlings off to a good start under a fluorescent set-up (6 x 24" tubes. Half warm, half cool white) and they are doing nicely.

    I wish I had taken decent cuttings of my flowering pair though. They're nearly indestructable and manage to survive despite all my clumsiness....

    Anyway, thanks again to you all!
  6. HIGH All, mmmmmm some nice looking ladies looks like you'll get at least 1/2oz.
    You didn't take can reveg when your done Budding, just leave some green on her when going back to 18/6 and she'll hopefully turn around and give you some more of what we love so much.

    Nice growing NiFty!!!!
  7. Those ladies are looking good NIFty! 1/2-3/4 oz each is a good goal, depending on alot. If you didnt take cuttigs did you save one or two of the males? With a quality genetic mix bag like that its more for breeding. It sounds like you tossed the males. You should have saved the males in a seprate small box, or above/below your main box if possible, And bonzai them so you can take cutings and breed. Live and learn :).

    btw where did you buy the combo seeds from?
  8. Sorry for taking so long to reply my friend!

    I got the seeds from a friend who visited Holland recently and brought back a bag of seeds which were picked out from stash which he bought there.

    He initially told me that the bag had contained seeds from Northern Lights, Blueberry and Jack Herer.

    However he told me at the weekend that he also had some Californian Orange as well. That has now solved the mystery for me!

    I was thinking that pictures of NL which I have seen on the net have always looked a bit different to how my girls look. I just figured that genetic diversity was the reason!

    The smell has puzzled me ever since they started to flower though. They smell fresh, citrusy and rather like a freshly cut orange! Now I have the missing info, I realise that they are California Orange. The aroma is getting stronger and more distinct every day (Day 29 of flowering now). The pics of Cali Orange that I have since found on the web match much more closely to how mine look too. Mystery solved!

    I can definitely recommend this strain for anyone thinking of a first grow. Or to anyone who just wants easy to grow plants that will forgive you for the occasional mistake.

    They do look (and smell!) absolutely yummy.
    I can hardly wait!

    I'm going to make sure they get a good months cure after harvest though. I reckon something this good deserves a little time.

  9. Hi THC101

    Yeah, this is my first grow. It just started as an experiment, I never really expected them to get this far. I've never been any good at growing houseplants at all.

    However I looked up and read about 6 different growguides on the web and asked a few questions on this forum and I'm totally amazed they look so good!

    I live in England and got the HPS from Basement Lighting in Newark for £135. He sells Mylar sheeting and a range of "hydrostations" which include a lamp and hydroponic system all in one and they start at £180! I'm very tempted to try one for a grow in the near future. He does loads of other good stuff too. He IS mainly mail-order but if you arrange with him in advance, he will meet you at his cellar-storage facility so that you can do a cash transaction (like I did!). Top notch guy! His website is here:

    A couple of other things for other Brits on the grow:
    Maplin Electronics sell All-in-one light, soil moisture and pH meters for £15 and 10X Jewellers loupes for £3 (yes, £3 !!).
    They have shops all over the country too.

    Also, a good place to find vermiculite and perlite to mix with your soil (as well as other growing items) is Wilkinson home and garden centres. There's probably a wilcos in every major town in the uk.

    I have also found an excellent shop where you can buy major grower seeds (e.g. Dutch Passion) with CASH! Its Badassbuds in Huddersfield
    If I ever need to actually buy seeds then I'll go there. So far I have bought absolutely everything I use for growing with CASH. I havn't used my credit-card for a single thing (even the epsom salts I bought from the local chemist!). Call me paranoid but I don't like leaving traces of evidence around!
    I'd rather make the occasional long journey than end up spending my time in the slammer.

    Anyway thanks for the compliment about how healthy they look but believe me, they look like that DESPITE me, not BECAUSE of me!

    Thanks again all

  10. Oh, forgot to answer the last question.

    They have been flowering for 4 weeks. I read on (superb night-time reading for us insomniacs!) that the flowering time is 8-10 weeks. That means 4-6 weeks to go.

    I think they've just stopped stretching now at 23inches. Hopefully they'll just fill out from now on!

  11. well done.....they both look very nice........well done if this is your first grow........"this is what happens when people like yourself listen to those who can help"..........mmmmm they really do look yummy.........i'd reckon at least 1/2 to 1oz per plant if they're only 3 weeks into flowering.........keep up the good work my friend, and keep us posted..........Peace out......Sid
  12. How high are the plants from the light? I just wanted to see how our advice helped :).
  13. Gosh, the UK is really startin to grow! We are getting everywhere!

    Further to your seeds comment, you can also go to Seeds Directs outlet in Kingston.
  14. good job man
  15. They are some nice plants youve got there,
    I cant believe its your first grow!
    Nothing left to say really but well done,
  16. well all plants are done flowering at different times. just remember, its time to harvest when 50-70 % of the pistils have changed color.
  17. I'm armed and ready with a 10x jewellers loupe and 30x hand-microscope!

    The producers of this strain say the flowering period is 8-10 weeks. They are 31 days in so far which means there's about 25-39 days to go.
    I prefer a more head high so I expect I'll be harvesting more towards the 8 week mark than the 10 week mark.

    In about 11-18 days I will be flushing the soil and giving them their last feed in order to harvest them a couple of weeks or so after that.
    I shall, of course, always be guided by the trichromes!


  18. By the way, I have read many guides and I understand the colour of the pistils indicates very little unless you know the strain very well.

    Apparently, it's the trichromes on the buds and leaves that you need to watch.

    Once they begin to go from clear to milky they are beginning to degrade and harvest-time is approaching. Once they're starting to turn amber, it's definitely time (or getting late) to harvest!

    It's the trichromes, not the pistils which you need to watch, according to many, many experienced persons.

  19. HIGH All, yes NiFty it's what we go by's the best way to tell when to pick. The 30x microscope is one of the most important tools in my room.
    She should start packing on the weight soon. MMMMMM nice!!!

    Every new grower should do what you have done, read and read some more, then go ask questions if need be. With some much info out there, some questions should never be asked. I hope new growers read your posts and learn something...Thank You NiFty!!!!

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