Thank you, GC; I still am reigning stoner

Discussion in 'General' started by Wet Horse Lips, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Coming to you from my residence hall again, GC.

    Last night, I was swiggin' back tequila, and my friend who I have recently met here at university stopped in to start drinking as well.

    I told him I picked up a little weed, and he asked to see it.

    So, I showed him it.

    His reaction is what separates a "blade" from a regular ... what's the term? Trustafarian is it? I dunno, but anyways:

    "Man, that shit looks so good; are those purple hairs? That's so bomb." (Or something to that degree)

    I told him I just picked it up from a local guy, and he's like "No man, if it has purple hairs, it was grown somewhere hot like Brazil or Africa. It has to do with the climate; the moisture level makes the weed go different colours."

    I just sat there, mentally disproving everything he was saying, but smiling and nodding, politely injecting where appropriate. I tried to tell him that it was probably locally grown, but no. He kept insisting it was grown elsewhere.

    Having read a number of grow threads, and researching the cultivation of cannabis, I know he had no clue about what he was saying.

    So yes, without the knowledge I have gained from GC, I would likely have believed him that I was holding Brazilian weed. OMGZ!1!eleven!!1!

    Peace, love and cannabis, GC! :smoke:
  2. Dude your dumb if its got purple on it its from brazil.
  3. Yeah man everyone knows purple weed can ONLY come from someplace exotic :D
  4. No you moron, it's from Greenland, that's why weed is green. DUH!
  5. i would think weed from brazil would be bammer considering how they would have to package it and how they would have to transport it here
  6. Yeah you know that purple comes from someplace HOT like brazil, considering the purple comes out in 60-70* temps. Brazil's average temp is what, 70* and pleasant? :p
  7. Shoulda asked him how it was that grow clinics inside the US are growing those purple buds...and many other colors.

    Or would he just say they import their stuff. Wouldn't even of smoked him out. People tellin me whats what with my weed? Bitch get the fuck out!
  8. I've got some GDP in my closet, does that mean if I jump in there I'll land in Rio?
  9. yeah but its cold there alot. soo technically its from iceland becasuse that is more green.
  10. if that was true wouldn't that just mean it could have been grown in a greenhouse with a similar climate to brazil?
  11. everyone knows purple hairs means it was grown in Botswana, probably by these dudes

  12. Yes. He doesn't realize that grows have advanced quite a bit.

    Whatever; I am not concerned, since I know that I am right, in this case. He can just keep spouting his knowledge, lol.
  13. I know, that's the point :D Iceland is green and greenland is icy. What a wonderful world we live in.
  14. whatta you talkin bout WHL? if it does have purple is grown in a hot climate like brazil..just like mermaids grow hydro.
    everyone knows thatt:rolleyes:
  15. hah thats neighbor who i kick it /w pretty often..and he always tryna tell me some false info...hes from california and i guess he thinks he knows everything there is to know about dank...

    like last week he was charging $75 for this Sour D...we were like thats too high blah blah....we were tellin him abt this grandady purp we had a few weeks back(he saw it...all purple inside/out and LOTS of orange hairs)....he was sayin some shit abt how we only bought a gram of Sour D and it takes like a quarter to be able to see how bomb it is

  16. In all seriousness..
    I heard that using ice to water plants made purple hairs. Theres so many rumors. Does it really just come down to genetics?
  17. I would have rolled with it and asked more questions just to get more lulz seems like this kid is full of lulz
  18. I have had the same experience, horse lips.

    I was with a buddy and he was telling me about this "dank bud" he got a few weeks before.
    He was like "Yeah it was soooo dank man, it even had purple on it."
    I was like... ".....yeaaah*
  19. Yup, its frome brazil lol Keep up the good work!
  20. I know exactly what you mean.

    I play it one of two ways, depends how well I know the person...

    1. Sit quietly, think to yourself that it is wrong, but whatever, let him have his fun

    2. Sit there telling the person what they're saying is wrong, which will almsot always start a arguement,.... Personally ive never seen someones opinion change or just go "oh, ok"... Its always starts a arguyement

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