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Thank you Cannabis.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dajazza, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I think Weed actually helped me become less paranoid. Even though I have had two bad trips (long story), it actually let people know i smoke and most of them are cool with it. My confidence has risen and general paranoia is gone.
  2. ...she told me to tell you, "Your welcome!"
  3. Gratz man the herb does wonders
  4. ive been saying this everyday for 10 years,

    the Plant is elite, its a Eucharist, but also clothing, food, fuel, paper, rope, etc.

    the damn constitution was written on "MARIHUANA" as prohibitionists put it

    first bible

    i dont think the founding fathers could even fathom Hemp-i mean marijuana- prohibition.

  5. these 'bad trips' are an insight to your Human Spirit

    All is One, if you remember this, 'bad trips' dont exist
  6. Yea man, paranoia is all in the head. Stupid kids who go out to smoke with friends and get scared about being caught... Lol. Just keep it all real. Smoking alone actually conditioned myself to being less paranoid in social situations.
  7. Mary Jane... is god.
  8. Thank you Mary Jane...For putting my 'fucks given' meter at a constant zero.:cool:

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