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Thank God for the War on Drugs! -- 6 dead in Juarez

Discussion in 'General' started by mwasa254, Apr 23, 2010.

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    21 Dead in Juarez shootout.

    Don't we all just feel so safe?

    It is our job as voters (or potential voters) to end this ridiculous, unwinnable war. The only beneficiaries are the military-industrial complex and the cartels. If we can promote rational drug policies here in the US, the rest of the world (at least a lot of them) will follow our example. We must do everything we can to correct the destructive course set by our elected "representatives."

    EDIT: The El Paso news station linked above initially reported 21 dead, now reporting 6 dead.
  2. since when does 6=21?
  3. oh, the story DID say 21 dead. I see they just now changed it to 6.

  4. lol guess those 14 others weren't considered that important to American interests

  5. I am very curious as to what happened. I wonder if the Federales initially reported killing 14 bad guys to make their losses not seem as bad, or if they just decided to remove reference of the 14 baddies for other reasons...

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