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thank god for beer!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. as u guys know i quit somkin for my gal, but shes ok with drinkin so thank god for beer!

    yesterday was a good day woke up got a phone call from my boy that i called on sat to see about geting me some 40's of budweiser. (i know taste like piss but one of the cheapest ways to get drunk:)
    so at 2 i went and got it ended up geting 3 40's, so i go home drink one got to work, and my luck they put me in drive thru were i actullay have to think about what im doing, i had to repeat my self like 4 time for thwm just to understand me, but its cool i hooked most of the custmers i give a hard time to with some free apple pies.

    work went by fast it was 1:30 am. b4 i knew it, so i rushed home grabed a tall frosty mug i put in the freezer b4 i left Cuz warm beer blows. I saw my mom rented movies so i put how to loose a guy in 10 dyas in the vcr i figered what the hell it mite be a chick flick but at least i never saw it. All in all it was a decent movie i give it a 8 even thow i never saw the end of it cuz i must have pasted out at the last 40.

    So my whole point is that beer rules!
  2. i hate all beer. its either JD or GG or some kinda vodka or hard luck for me, or its nothin. those fruity vodka things aer good, schmirnoff triple black and ice. don't do shit though

  3. jeez budweiser? That doesn't really taste like piss. Next time get yourself some hurricane 40's. Nice fortified malt liquor, the breakfast of champions. God, I haven't had one of those since Halloween morning. I think I'm gonna go drink a natty before class.
  4. HIGH All, aaaaahhhhhhh beer...I'll drink to that!!!!
  5. nope, natty light, or as my little brother and his friends call it, Financial Light.
  6. Most of you know California has a new governor. Now we also have a new beer: Governater Beer. Just had to Happen!!

  7. Hmmmmm, how would I spell out the sound a whip makes? Hhhhhhwhaaaachhhhhh, I guess.

  8. No no no..... WAPPOW!

  9. Hmm im not sure how to spell it but i know i'm happly wipped if that makes any sense
  10. Waaaaahhchiiiiiiiiih

  11. thank god for the Buds... and thank human for the Beers... especialy scotland Peeepssss....

  12. went to like this super liquor store the other day and they had it on display. lol. it makes me so sad when i see i robocop poster or action figure or something, and i can point at it and go 'that's my governer'. i think his general publicity has lowered californias morale. but that's an entirely different arguement.

    yes beer is awsome. i am a dan of the mexican imports myself. medelo and corona. nothin beats a corona with a wedge of lime, a fat bowl, and a football game. i hate football too.

  13. Now sid... i know u cant miss these

  14. If you are this whipped, it better be the pussy-whipped kind. I think you need to show her who wears the pants in the relationship. If you don't take control now you have no idea what kinda shit you are getting yourself into. Make her think(realize) she needs you and that your wants are just as important as hers. This must be done very carefully though. Good luck and God speed.

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