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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ghost007, May 11, 2003.

  1. Hi all!!! finally I got 20 seeds of Thai x skunk, so now i'm wery buisy with my growroom, it'll be my first grow. I think I'll buy one 600w HPS for them, then depending on a quantity of female plants we'll see.
    Anybody know some special info about this strain?
    Is it easy to get clones from these type of mom's?

    I think i'll germinate them after two weeks, then everything will be ready.
    I got cheap digital camera,so i'll try putting some pictures when I start.
    Wish me luck :)
  2. And one more question...
    when is the best time to take clones from the mom?, because i want to start ~120 plants.
    I have 20 seeds, let's think that 10 of them are females, so i'll have 10 moms
    ~12 clones from one plant at once is it ok?
  3. maybe if u dont want the mom to live much longer u could take 12 clones off here dude i would just take a few off it grow them then clone your clones

    peace i dunno i could be wrong depends on how big they are when u take clones
  4. ...or you could leave your mothers in vegging and flower the clones to tell the sex of the (hopefully) mothers and then just weed out the males and flower the clones and mothers or just the clones.
  5. well votoloco it's a bit risky to take clones from a tree with unknown sex, if i'm unlucky,ill waste a lot of time...
    I think i'll let my plants flower and wait till they show their sex,then take clones...
  6. It's not a a good idea to take clones once in flowering since you have to revert lighting back to 24/7 or 18/6.
  7. Well Well
    I decided to put my seeds directly to the 300ml pots with soil, wathered them, now waiting for the results.
    After germination i'll move them to the greenhouse.
    I was distracted and fucked up 5 seeds :(
    so now I have 17
    Anybody knows how can I fill all the greenhouse from 17 seeds (8-9 mothers expected)
    Here comes the pic of what i've done, everything is in the balcony.

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  8. Picture of my babys sitting in the balcony under natural conditions, only 15 of 17 sprouded

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  9. let us know whats goin on, im growin the same strain
  10. sup ghost007? You have a while to wait before cloning and attempting to get 120 plants. Say by chance u get 10/15 Females, good, now you need to wait until your 10 fem's have 12 cutting sites to take. Keep in mind you are now going back 2 or more weeks to wait for those 120 hopeflly successful clones to grow.

    What will you be using for a 120 site cloner? setup? I'm interested.

    Cheers! Sieg

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