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Thai Sticks

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by JORDANEast, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. I don't understand what Thai sticks are. I read the wikipedia page and looked at google images, but I just don't get it. What are they and how do you smoke them?
  2. im pretty sure its just a strain
  3. From what I read it is some sort of preparation of weed rather than a strain.

  4. Nah.

    From my understanding, it's bud tied with hemp to a stick, then dipped into opium or oil.



  5. ^^^You are correct man.
  6. The old heads that I've talked to swear up and down that the Thai stick's they got weren't dipped in anything, and if they were they aren't anymore. I've seen pictures and smoke reports of "modern" Thai sticks, it's just bud grown in Thailand that is tied tightly around a small bamboo stick with hemp rope. I assume the reason for doing this is to compact the small airy buds into bigger chunks that you can break off and pop into a bong...:wave:
  7. learn somethin new every day
  8. Awesome. Good to know.
  9. every thai stick ive gotten was dipped in opium. but i have seen non dipped sticks. Many people sell fake thai sticks, just some bud wrapped in twine..Havent seen any in california, but i also dont know anybody here.
  10. "Thai sticks: Marijuana leaves tied around stems or narrow diameter bamboo
    splints. Thai sticks are considered a high quality product by the drug culture. The
    THC concentrations of the marijuana leaves on Thai sticks are higher than domestic
    marijuana. Unlike hashish and sinsemilla, seeds, and small pieces of stalks and stems
    are found in Thai sticks."

    That's what it says in the "Drug Abuse Handbook"

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